County Deputy Heroically Rescues Woman from Fiery Car Crash in Oklahoma

In a heart-pounding incident near northwest 178th and Meridian Avenue in Edmond, Oklahoma, Deputy Matthew Yerby of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office became a hero when he rescued a woman from a burning car on Sunday night.

The dramatic rescue unfolded as the woman lost control of her car while navigating a roundabout. The vehicle crashed, trapping her inside with no means of escape. Deputy Yerby, alerted to the emergency, rushed to the scene, where the car’s engine area was already fully engulfed in flames.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office released body camera footage that clearly shows the intensity of the situation. The trapped woman pleads with Deputy Yerby to stay with her, highlighting the fear and urgency of the situation. Without Deputy Yerby’s swift response, authorities believe the woman could have lost her life.

Sheriff Tommie Johnson expressed his admiration, stating, “I consider him a hero.” The woman was immobilized inside the car, as the jammed door prevented her from escaping. Deputy Yerby, undeterred by the escalating danger, used his baton to knock out the window and pull the woman to safety just seconds before the entire vehicle burst into flames.

County Deputy Heroically Rescues Woman from Fiery Car Crash in Oklahoma
Deputy Matthew Yerby, a true hero, rescued a woman trapped in a fiery car crash seconds before it erupted in flames. His swift actions saved a life in Edmond, Oklahoma

Sheriff Johnson emphasized the critical timing of the rescue, noting that seconds truly mattered in preventing a more tragic outcome. Despite the severity of the crash, the woman miraculously suffered only a broken ankle, a testament to the heroic efforts of Deputy Yerby.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office released the body camera footage, capturing the intense moments leading to the rescue. In the video, Deputy Yerby’s calm demeanor and quick thinking shine as he navigates the life-or-death situation. The grateful woman, with a broken ankle as her only injury, expressed her relief, pleading for Deputy Yerby to remain by her side.

Sheriff Johnson praised Deputy Yerby’s selfless service and quick actions, highlighting the challenges law enforcement officers face when making critical decisions in life-threatening situations. The entire incident underscores the importance of first responders like Deputy Yerby, who put their lives on the line to save others.

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