Charges Filed Against Green Hill Inmates: Alleged Drug Offenses Spark Legal Action

Several students at Green Hill School face charges in court for suspected drug-related crimes that took place inside the school between January 2021 and October 2023. The issue came to light shortly after detectives from the Joint Narcotic Enforcement Team (JNET) carried out a search at the school on August 31. During this search, they found evidence suggesting the possession and distribution of illegal drugs within Green Hill.

JNET detectives uncovered hidden lockers on the premises where staff had been keeping illegal items since 2017. These items included drugs, cellphones, vape pens, knives made on-site, handwritten papers planning illegal drug deals, and hand tools. The legal proceedings began after Green Hill reported incidents to the Centralia Police Department between September 5 and September 7.

Green Hill’s reports to the police revealed three separate instances of students having illegal substances in their possession. The individuals involved in these cases are Tyree Maxmyilyon Garrett Jr., John Warorus Mugo, Adrian Anguiano, and Gabriel Munguia.

Tyree Maxmyilyon Garrett Jr., now 21 and residing in Seattle, faced charges on November 16, 2023, for possessing a controlled substance while in a state correctional facility. The charges relate to an incident on January 10, 2021, where staff members detected the odor of burnt marijuana coming from a bathroom in a unit just vacated by Garrett. Upon searching Garrett’s room, they allegedly found suspected marijuana inside a black rover glove tip, rolling papers, and two Bic lighters.

John Warorus Mugo, 23, faced two counts of possession of a controlled substance while in a state correctional facility. On February 4, 2022, Green Hill staff observed residents who appeared to be under the influence leaving Mugo’s room. Upon searching, a THC vape pen was reportedly found hidden in a cut in Mugo’s mattress. On April 28, 2022, staff allegedly saw Mugo tampering with the dryer in a laundry room, where they found two THC vape pens.

Adrian Anguiano, 24, of Pasco, faced one count of possession of a controlled substance while in a state correctional facility. On March 4, 2022, staff searched Anguiano’s room and allegedly found rolling papers and a bindle of brown THC extract powder. During an intake search after being transferred to another unit, staff reportedly found a Black Diamond cannabis extract pouch inside a box of macaroni and cheese.

Gabriel Munguia, 20, faced one count of possession of a controlled substance while in a state correctional facility. On November 16, the Lewis County Prosecutor’s Office filed charges against Munguia, who allegedly had THC in his possession inside Green Hill on either October 13 or October 26, 2023. Staff reportedly observed Munguia appearing to be under the influence of a controlled substance during a computer class on one of these dates. While being walked to a body scanner, Munguia allegedly handed staff 10 sealed baggies from his sock, which officers determined to contain a paste substance believed to be THC.

Possession of a controlled substance while in a state correctional facility is a class C felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

Preliminary hearings for all four cases were scheduled for December 19 in Lewis County Superior Court. However, two defendants, Garrett and Anguiano, have already been released from Green Hill, requiring the court to mail them summons notices. The remaining two defendants, Mugo and Munguia, who are still in custody, had their preliminary hearings on December 19, with arraignment hearings scheduled for Thursday, December 21.

JNET’s search of Green Hill was prompted by a letter to the governor’s office on May 30, signed by the mayors and chiefs of police of Centralia and Chehalis. The letter urged an investigation into Green Hill School’s practices and procedures. However, the governor’s office declined further investigation, citing implemented changes to security practices, including the use of full-body scanners and bag scanners.

Washington state Senate Minority Leader John Braun, R-Centralia, has renewed the call for a state investigation into Green Hill School. In response, a spokesperson for Gov. Jay Inslee’s office issued a statement on November 6, expressing confidence in JNET’s ability to ensure thorough investigations with the highest degree of integrity.

The legal action follows several incidents at Green Hill, including a drug overdose in November 2022, a released inmate stealing a vehicle and firing shots in June 2022, and arrests in January 2022 for alleged involvement in drive-by shootings. As of Tuesday, six active cases in Lewis County Superior Court stemmed from separate prison riots at Green Hill School in 2023.

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