California Cities are Paying Highest Utility Bills in Entire United States

It’s normal to think that your monthly energy bill is going up. A new study from doxo says that people in California have some of the highest utility bills in the U.S. This is especially true for two cities.

Los Angeles has $455 a month energy bills, which are the third highest in the U.S. San Jose, California ($439/month), was the only other California city on the list. It tied with Pittsburgh to finish the top five. First place went to Milwaukee ($538), and second place went to New York City ($511).

In contrast, the data shows that Minneapolis, Memphis, Austin, and Atlanta are some of the big cities with the lowest utility costs. Across the whole state of California, energy bills are about $368 a month, which is more than the $351 national average.

The most expensive states were listed in the study as Hawaii ($633/month), Maine ($500/month), New Jersey ($467/month), Connecticut ($463/month), and Vermont ($428/month). California was listed as being far behind those states.

People who want to move to the state with the cheapest utility costs in the US should go to Mississippi. The average monthly bill there is about $255. The next five states in order of price are South Dakota ($278/month), North Carolina ($282/month), Missouri ($284/month), and Georgia ($286/month).

Over the past year, energy prices have kept going up due to things like geopolitical tensions and the cost of updating the grid. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, power rates hit an all-time high in September.

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