Attempted Murder Charges for NYC 311 Dispatcher Diamond Matthews Sparked by Laundry Room Altercation

Harlem Laundry Room Scuffle Leads to Attempted Murder Charges for City Employee

In a shocking turn of events, a 22-year-old New York City employee, Diamond Matthews, working in the Office of Technology and Innovation, found herself at the center of a violent dispute that resulted in attempted murder charges.

The incident unfolded in the laundry room of an East Harlem apartment building, leaving a 45-year-old man stabbed and hospitalized.

The altercation, caught on video, showed Matthews repeatedly punching the victim in a heated argument. According to Gothamist, the criminal complaint obtained from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office revealed that Matthews had called her father for assistance during the dispute.

A tenant in the building described the chaotic scene, recounting, “I heard shouting from in there. It was over clothes. Someone was screaming, ‘Don’t touch my clothes, don’t touch my clothes!’” The altercation apparently escalated over the use of laundry machines, with Matthews and her father becoming involved in a physical confrontation with the victim.

According to Gothamist, Matthews told investigators that she got into a fight with a man in the laundry room and asked her father to step in. She stated, “We started fighting and a knife was pulled out, but I couldn’t see who pulled it out. The other guy ended up getting stabbed.”

According to the police’s review of the surveillance video, Matthews’ father repeatedly stabbed the victim. Although details were not provided as to why the father was not arrested, law enforcement sources confirmed that an “unapprehended male” believed to be Matthews’s father had stabbed the victim in the torso, while Matthews herself inflicted wounds on the victim’s body.

The unnamed victim was transferred to a hospital and is reported to be in stable condition. Matthews was promptly arrested and charged with attempted murder and attempted assault. At her arraignment, a judge set her bail at $15,000 cash or a $10,000 bond. She pleaded not guilty and was released after posting bail.

While Matthews is expected to appear in court again on Tuesday, questions arise about the father’s involvement and the events leading to the violent clash.

The neighborhood witnesses expressed their shock at the incident, with one resident acknowledging that the dispute had gotten out of hand, emphasizing the volatile nature of situations in contemporary times.

Sources indicated that Matthews, assigned to 311 services within the Office of Technology and Innovation for less than a year, had at least one prior arrest, though the details of that case remain sealed.

The Office of Technology and Innovation released a statement, noting their cooperation with law enforcement and the Office of Labor Relations to determine appropriate actions in light of the incident.

As the investigation continues, the incident serves as a troubling reminder of the potential for violence in seemingly ordinary situations and raises questions about the safety of public spaces within residential buildings.

The courtroom proceedings on January 2 will shed further light on the circumstances of this alarming episode.

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