Arizona Border Rancher Issues Stark Warning: “Cartel Scouts Are Positioned on Our Mountains,” Cites MS-13 Presence

An Arizona rancher who is in his fifth generation stated that he is more afraid that terrorists are infiltrating America because of the surge of undocumented migrants who have been traversing his land in recent years.

Jim Chilton, who owns the Chilton Ranch, told Fox News that “it’s a serious issue.” The majority of the border towns, including our ranch, are now without security. It is not favorable. Not in any way is it better. It remains ludicrous.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data, the ongoing crisis at the southern border is increasing illegal migrant admissions at an unprecedented rate. Chief Border Patrol Agent John Modlin of the Tucson Sector of Arizona reported that during the first week of December, there were 18,900 apprehensions of migrants in Arizona, setting a record.

Arizona Border Rancher Issues Stark Warning Cartel Scouts Are Positioned on Our Mountains, Cites MS-13 Presence (1)

In contrast, CBP data shows that there are around 2,000 more interactions than that sector had in the whole of December 2021. A record number of daily encounters occurred earlier this month over the southern border when on December 4 more than 12,000 migrants poured in.

“Chilton stated that it is a matter of national security.” “I’m very concerned that terrorists are coming across the border.”

Data indicate that in fiscal 2023, CBP came across 169 individuals who were on the FBI’s terror watch lists when visiting southern border ports. It was more than the total of the prior six fiscal years put together, as well as the 98 encounters that set a record the year before.

“When are they going to strike, and are they walking through my ranch?” Chilton stated. Fox News was previously informed by the border rancher that his wife allowed MS-13 militants with rifles inside their home when she was alone.

Chilton replied, “It’s kind of scary.” “That’s just life on the border.” Ariz. Border Rangers spotting MS-13 from their vantage point:

Chilton worries that this year, more cartel members will pass across his land without permission. According to him, coyotes smuggle migrants across his land on occasion, and cartels battle for control of the trails that pass through his ranch.

Arizona Border Rancher Issues Stark Warning Cartel Scouts Are Positioned on Our Mountains, Cites MS-13 Presence (2)

“We have cartel scouts on our mountains,” he added. These individuals “really have control of everything.”

The fifth-generation rancher fears that cartels would flood some areas with migrants in an attempt to distract Border Patrol officers, leaving some areas understaffed, which will allow smugglers to bring in drugs and terrorists. To counter a surge of illegal migrants in the area, the port of entry in Lukeville, Arizona, closed on December 4.

It is an apparatus for managing the movements of all individuals. It’s a way to create new pathways for crossing extremely dangerous individuals, drug dealers,” Chilton had previously told Fox News. “The cartel is running drugs and bad people across other areas.”

Though the border wall barely covers a portion of his property, Chilton attributes the migration wave in part to President Biden’s decision to suspend construction. Chilton pushed Biden to complete construction and add more Border Patrol agents to safeguard Americans, even after the administration authorized $950 million for renovations and repairs in November.

“You shouldn’t give a message to the world that the border is open and all you have to do is come through, and you’ll get processed, captured and released into the United States,” Chilton explained. “It’s a national security issue.”

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