Aaron Rodgers Fed Up with Scrutiny over Jets’ IR Move, Demands Critics Disclose Vax Status

After the New York Jets activated Aaron Rodgers from injured reserve and added him to the active 53-man roster, he responded to accusations that he might not play this season.

To create space for Rodgers, the Jets cut fullback Nick Bawden. But it bewildered a lot of people as to why Rodgers would require a roster space to carry out his rehabilitation.

When Rodgers appeared on “The Pat McAfee Show” on Tuesday, he stated that anyone critical of him ought to be required to disclose whether or not they had received a COVID-19 immunization.

Aaron Rodgers Fed Up with Scrutiny over Jets' IR Move, Demands Critics Disclose Vax Status (1)
“It is the same old thing. The same folks are making the same remarks,” Rodgers remarked. “I believe that what we should do, Pat is that before they speak, let’s go back to 2021 and force everyone to state their vax status. These are the same folks who were criticizing me and making up these conspiracies about my injury or whatever else.

“That will place all of these comments in the appropriate context. Let them say this before they say anything: “Hey, I’m so-and-so, double vaxxed with Pfizer and triple boosted, and my opinion is this guy is a bad guy because he just wanted to practice and took money away.” ESPN will cut us off at this point.

At that time, everyone would see that they were being controlled by puppet masters to say a specific thing about this man, and they would still be angry because I support medical freedom. It’s the same old stale story.”

In addition to requesting to be placed on inactive reserve, Rodgers stated that he didn’t want to deprive Bawden of a spot on the roster.

Aaron Rodgers Fed Up with Scrutiny over Jets' IR Move, Demands Critics Disclose Vax Status (2)

“I assumed I was going to go on IR,” he replied. “I requested to go on inactive retirement. “Do you want to practice?” was the topic of conversation. and I responded, “Not at the expense of someone getting cut.” I am aware of how this functions. I didn’t think that practicing was necessary to carry out my rehabilitation. I could work on the field on the side.”

“However, I was overridden there; perhaps that is just the way things work out. It was a peculiar circumstance. I immediately called Nick and told him, “I hope you understand that this isn’t from me.” I requested to be placed on IR.”

Throughout the entire season, Rodgers hinted that his goal was to recover from the torn Achilles he sustained during the first drive of the season in Week 1 against the Buffalo Bills.

This month, he expressed his continued desire to give the Jets two more years at the very least. Let’s wait for that.

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