A Florida Reptile Park Gave Birth to a “Beyond Rare” White Leucistic Alligator

Said to be the rarest variety of the American alligator, the alligator is descended from a nest of alligators discovered in the Louisiana marshes in 1987.

At a Florida reptile park, a white leucistic alligator that is “beyond rare” has given birth.

Gatorland Orlando claims that the 49-cm-long female alligator is one of the world’s rare leucistic alligators.

“This is quite uncommon. “It’s truly remarkable,” stated Mark McHugh, the leader of Gatorland.

He also mentioned that the infant is the first pure white alligator to have come from a colony of original leucistic alligators discovered in the marshes of Louisiana in 1987.

Three of the seven individuals still in the nest are headquartered in Gatorland.

According to the park, the reptile is the rarest genetic variety of the American alligator and is not to be confused with albino alligators, which have pink eyes and no pigment at all.

With blue eyes, the reptile goes by no name yet.

The park is seeking assistance in naming its newest addition, which guests will be able to witness starting in the following year, along with her sibling.

“For now, however, we continue to keep them safe where we can closely monitor their health and growth,” added Mr. McHugh.

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