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Senior on the Street: CJ Clark

The Round Table checks back in with senior CJ Clark, a few months ahead of their graduation. The Round Table: What is the best dessert you’ve had at commons? CJ Clark: Hot damn, that’s a hard one. Way back in the day they had this

Senior on the street: Ellie Waddle

The Round Table sat down with Ellie Waddle, an  anthropology major from St. Paul, MN. — Joel Seabury-Kolod The Round Table: Do you waddle to all of your destinations? Ellie Waddle: Oh my god, no. I actually bike most places right now. RT: Are you

Senior On The Street: CJ Clark

The Round Table sat down with CJ Clark, a double major in Sociology & Critical Identity Studies, and Environmental Studies Minor. The topics discussed ranged from influential professors to weird Wisconsin sightings to words of wisdom for Beloit’s freshman class. The Round Table: What was