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An Interview with Bon Appetit’s Ken Hnilo

This week The Round Table sat down with Bon Appetít General Manager, Ken Hnilo, to discuss recent upset regarding meal service.  TR: Have you been aware of student concerns regarding food service? If so, for how long? What did you hear? KH: Yes. Last week

An Interview With Frank McKearn IV

I had described Frank McKearn IV as an enigma. He seemed mysterious, always roaming around campus and through the Powerhouse, always on a mission to somewhere. I had first noticed McKearn last year, first just through seeing him at the Powerhouse, then as engineer and

Who the Buc are you? With Taylor Goodyear ’22

  Where are you from?  “Mesa, Arizona.” What is your major? “Biochemistry What is your plan after college?  “I plan on taking a gap year to get some work experience in the veterinary field and then go to vet school.” How did you choose Beloit?