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Buccaneers Officially Start Their Season

How great is it that sports are back? I’m excited, I know these athletes are excited to be back. I wish we didn’t have to worry about cancellations, but we do. Unfortunately, some teams have had cancellations. Men’s and Women’s soccer both had cancelled games

Who the Buc are you? With Taylor Goodyear ’22

  Where are you from?  “Mesa, Arizona.” What is your major? “Biochemistry What is your plan after college?  “I plan on taking a gap year to get some work experience in the veterinary field and then go to vet school.” How did you choose Beloit? 

Beloit Buccaneers Are Back and Hungry

The Bucs are back. After not playing in the Fall of 2020: football, volleyball, men’s and women’s soccer and men’s and women’s cross country are back to competing. In addition to competing, spectators are also allowed. Of course some guidelines set by the Midwest and