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The Bucs are Red Hot!

The men’s baseball team and the women’s softball have been red hot recently! The women’s team this season is 15-9 and are looking to make a push in the Midwest Conference race!  They are currently 6-6 in conference and are making a run at St.

What is Going on in the NBA

All information is courtesy of The King makes his return. LeBron James played his first game on April 30 since suffering a high ankle sprain on March 20. He put up 16 points, eight rebounds and seven assists in 32 minutes. A very standard

Top NBA Prospect Dies in Car Accident

On Thursday, April 22nd, NBA Draft Prospect Terrence Clarke was killed in a car accident in Los Angeles, CA. Clarke was 19 years old.  Clark was believed to have just finished a workout with his teammate, BJ Boston, when the accident occured. Boston was in the

Special Interest Housing Deserves to be a Priority

The first time I stepped into the Feminist Collective was also the first time I felt at home on campus. I could feel the history of the students who had lived there, and the legacy that was now my responsibility. Something about the disheveled bookcases

The Marvelous Marvel Series

 It comes as no surprise that the first two marvel series on Disney plus have done exceptionally well. This year has already introduced two of the many planned shows following many other characters in the MCU. The first to be premiered was Wandavision back in

Oliver Tree? More Like Sydney Disagrees

  Like some sort of nefarious freak, I pride myself on listening to music that is either slightly obscure or that my peers have never heard of. I never learned to play an instrument or sing or keep time or anything musical, and so to compensate

An Interview with Lai Moua ’22

Editor’s note: The following interview has been edited for clarity and length, and was conducted over Zoom in compliance with COVID safety precautions. The views expressed by the student interviewed do not represent the opinions of the Round Table.             This week on behalf of

Cultural Fest was so Fun, I Almost Peet my Pants

Friday night, Peet had their annual cultural festival. The night kicked off at 4:00 pm with free Peet tee shirts with a funky design on the back of a rat riding a skateboard while smoking a cig. They offered goodie bags with free snacks and

Holy Shot! Vaccines Available on Campus

Shots shots shots shots shots shots everybody! Vaccine rollouts have continued across the country and all states have updated vaccine eligibility to allow everyone over the age of sixteen to get vaccinated. In the United States, about twenty-seven percent of the population has been fully