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Baseball and Softball Off to a Rough Start

Taking a step in the right direction    After a trip to the beach the Buccaneers needed to bounce back quickly with conference games on the way. After dropping the first game back to Grinnell they have been on a three game win streak that was

Buccaneer Lacrosse Hits the Field

Beloit women’s lacrosse only played two games last season. This year they have already played almost three times that amount of games. Right now, they are 1-4, but they are putting up points in every contest, which is promising. May Willison’23 wrote in an email

KC Johnson: Beloit at its Best

 When you tour Beloit College for the first time, your guide likely emphasized the limitless opportunities of the campus, which seems like a hypocritical statement. How could a school in the middle of nowhere, that only has a campus population of 1,200 be a place

Beloit Swim and Indoor Track Wrap Up Seasons

Beloit swim wrapped up their season on Feb. 20 in Grinnell, IA. The men took sixth place and the women took eighth. Despite the low team finishes, there were a couple record setting times and a satisfying close to the season. One of those times

Hey Athletes! You Can Benefit From Playing!

We live in a different generation of sports than we could ever imagine. Whether that be the new found player empowerment of the NBA or the ever changing format in college football. Amongst these changes that have occurred in our lifetime has been the adaptation

Buccaneer Basketball Comes to a Close

If you’ve ever been to Gurnee, Illinois, you know what it’s famous for. If you haven’t, it’s famous for the amusement park Six Flags. I bring this up for the sake of comparison to the Beloit men’s basketball team. They could be compared to the

Who the Buc are you?

The Round Table got the opportunity to sit down with Lorraine Pedroza’24 and found out Who the Buc she is! The Round Table: Where are you from?  Lorraine Pedroza: “Peoria, AZ.”  RT: What is your major? LP: “Bio Major #womeninstem shout out to Laura Parmentier

Russian Figure Skater Flops on Ice After Failed Drug Test

  Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva,15,  took fourth place in the Women’s Figure Skating Solo event  after a major doping scandal. Valieva was a strong favorite for the gold medal, and projected the Russian Olympic Committee to first place in the team event after becoming the

Who the Buc are you?

The Round Table got the opportunity to sit down with Matt O’Leary and find out who the Buc he is!  The Round Table: Where are you from? Matt O’Leary: “ I am from Clarendon Hills, Illinois.” RT: What is your major? O’Leary: “Economics.” RT: What

Two-Sport Athletes at Beloit College

Being a college athlete is not an easy thing to achieve. A very low percentage of high school athletes go on to play in college. I’m sure that number is even lower for athletes who go to college to play two sports. Playing one is