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A Critique of Leftist Rhetoric: Part 2

There is a certain moral weight to COVID-19. As was seen most clearly in the presidential election of 2020, COVID, and specifically its vaccine, was completely politicized. I do not mean this in an abstract, personal anecdote-based sense, but as a distinct party line drawn

The Sad Truth For Biracial Women in Hollywood

When people ask me why I refuse to watch “Euphoria,” I tell them it is simply because I do not care for Zendaya. That is not to say she is lacking talent, but I certainly believe that it could be channeled much more productively. Zendaya

In Defense of Commons

Commons is not that bad. That being said, I am told that, as a first-year student, I have not experienced the worst of our infamous dining options. However, this will be an analysis of the way Commons has been perceived throughout this academic year in

The Covid-19 Vaccine Has No Business Being Politicized

The global toll of the COVID-19 pandemic has been enormous; with over 388 million confirmed cases and over 5 million deaths, hundreds of millions have been out of work, and trillions of dollars of wealth have been destroyed. The disease has not yet ended its

Impacts of Commons Dining Room Closing

Sitting down to eat at Commons is a huge part of the college experience here at Beloit. Building relationships, making new friends, and creating great memories at Commons are some of the best parts about this school. The pandemic has of course made that more

Toxicity in Video Games

Years of research has shown that video games have, in many ways, influenced players in positive ways like the training of spatial-rotation skills, increased psychological well-being, enhanced problem solving, and an interest in STEM fields. However, in other cases, these advantages are always counteracted with

An Interview with Bon Appetit’s Ken Hnilo

This week The Round Table sat down with Bon Appetít General Manager, Ken Hnilo, to discuss recent upset regarding meal service.  TR: Have you been aware of student concerns regarding food service? If so, for how long? What did you hear? KH: Yes. Last week

Should Student Journalists Have More Editorial Control?

Student journalists should be able to have the freedom to correspond as much as their professional counterparts – and that is not because the majority of their work not only provides information, but it also provides them with a good learning experience in the field

Tattoo Interview

The Round Table got the opportunity to sit down with Emma Stoner’22 to have a chat about one of her tattoos, a beautiful work which represents the bond between a mother and daughter.The style is super unique, consisting of basic line work with a splash

Tattoo Safety in Beloit

Everyone has those moments, those “I need a tattoo right now” weekend urges. Depending on who you are, these split second decisions can lead to the best, or the worst decision of your life. Safe tattoo practices often get thrown out the window on nights