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The Power and the Beauty: Food as an Expressive Art Form

“Third things are essential…, objects or practices or habits or arts or institutions or games or human beings that provide a site of joint rapture or contentment.”  -Donald Hall, “The Third Thing”    Food is often thought of as merely a means to sustain one’s life–to

I Don’t Like Cold Weather

Human beings are the most adaptable animals on the planet. From our cradle in Africa, to North America, humans have spread across all kinds of terrain and climates, using tools to adapt from the thinnest air in Machu Picchu to the lonely islands of Polynesia.

A Guide to Tracking the Alt-Right

Part I: Discovery  Some weeks ago, up at our northern border, a militia of Canadian truckers formed a blockade on the interstate in response to the Prime Minister’s declaration that international travel must require passports. This drew international attention, and as well as being disappointed

Meta Doesn’t Understand That a Metaverse is the Bad Ending

In 2011, “Ready Player One” was released. It’s a book about a dystopian future in which a few giant corporations control almost all of American life, and the majority of people are forced to live in stacks, towers of temporary housing piled precariously on top

An Argument Against the Electoral College

The Constitution of the United States remains one of the most influential documents ever written, reinventing democracy and paving the way for a more just and holy union. This text would be ineffectual and without cause, if it were not for its preamble: We hold

Nude Modeling as Empowerment

I am someone who thinks a lot about the way my body is looked at. This is because, quite frankly, my body is looked at.  I remember the first time I became aware of this. I was on the train. A man, not a boy,

In Opposition to Air Fryers

Air fryers are dumb. Although they have rather elegant solutions to some problems, which I will get into later, the reasons they are praised are often misfounded and demonstrably false. Let us dismantle these misunderstandings: The very concept of the name is stupid. Air fryers

A Critique of Leftist Rhetoric: Part 3

“Here’s the deal: No matter how you look at the map, the only way Democrats can hold power is to build on their coalition, and that will have to include more rural white voters from across the country. Democrats are never going to win a