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Album of the Week: “Zaba” by Glass Animals

How have I not written about Glass Animals yet!? Since 2017, I have been in love with the silky, enticing music of British foursome Glass Animals. This year, the band’s newest release blew up on TikTok, but I want to discuss their first album instead.

“Dune” Review

In an era of Hollywood defined by bombastic superhero movies, car chases, and explosions, “Dune” stands out for having the courage to take its time. The film is made memorable with solid performances, striking visuals, and a menacing yet beautiful score by Hans Zimmer. However,

The 411 on ‘You’ Season 3

Gen Z’s favorite fictional serial killer is back and… tamer than ever. Netflix’s hit original series, “You,” returned with its third season on Oct. 15, and the internet is brimming with spoilers, memes, and theories. Like the previous two seasons, the newest addition to “You”

Celebrating the Oncoming Fall Season with Poetry

The community of Beloit College gathered around the poetry garden on Friday to kick off the fall season with autumn inspired poems and an assortment of fall favorite treats. The event was hosted by the English Department. Tamara Ketabgian, a professor and Chair of the

Album of the Week: ‘The Book of Mormon”

In honor of the “The Book of Mormon” upcoming Broadway reopening on Nov. 5, I thought it would only be fair to review the soundtrack! This original Broadway cast recording, released in 2011, chronicles the events of the musical “The Book of Mormon,” wherein two

The Revolutionists!

Adapted from an interview with Leilani Schaller. The Fall play is The Revolutionists by Lauren Gunderson, can you tell me a little bit about it? The Revolutionists is about these four badass women during the French Revolution. They’re all a little different in their own

The Return of Beloit TV

This week, I sat down on Zoom with Jonathon Kelley, the station manager of Beloit Cable Access Television, to get the 411 on the return of Beloit TV programming. Kelley informed me that by the end of the semester, it is anticipated that the station

The Star-Strudded 2021 Met Gala

It is no secret that the highlight of the Met Gala is the fashion! Since 1946, the Met Gala, or ‘the Super Bowl of fashion,’ has garnered public attention and media coverage due to the glamorous, and often outlandish attire that guests come dressed in.

Folk and Blues Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

Beloit College kicked off its lineup of annual campus-wide events with none other than the Folk and Blues festival on Sat., Sep. 11. The event marked not only the first of many in-person events to come this school year, but the 50th anniversary of Folk

Album of the Week: ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’

The album I’ve chosen to review this week is by an artist who has been regarded as one of the most influential musicians of all time: Kendrick Lamar. While Lamar had released an album a year prior, it was the 2012 release of ‘good kid,