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Meet a Student Worker

Editor’s Note: Autumn Green is the news editor for the Round Table and holds a place on the editorial board. As the outgoing seniors pack up their lives and memories to move forward, our current first years have already begun establishing their identities all over

Meet the BSG Executives

History was made when Beloit College elected two women of color, both international students, as Co-Presidents of the Beloit Student Government this Spring. With the appointment of our new exec team, the Beloit Student Government hopes to create a space dedicated to the needs of

Inspiring Actions: Arts & Antiracism

The term “artistic talent” is something that many of us have heard, either in the context of ourselves or that of another. The Art Channel’s definition of that term is very simple: the expressions of one’s thoughts, beliefs and true self. This may take its

Movie Review: “When They See Us”

*Disclaimer: I’m not a black, Latinx or an indigenous individual. I’m an aspiring POC ally.  The gruesome tale of the Exonerated Five was a story that captivated America in 1989. Almost 30 years later, the dramatization of what they went through as kids is a