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Back at Beloit: A Week in Quarantine

Vaccines are readily available and are being widely adopted across the United States. With students returning to on-campus this Fall, everything is returning to normal. Or so it is. Countless students (both domestic and international students) have had troubles in getting a dose for the

Meet a Student Entrepreneur: Jalen Ponder

As most students at Beloit aspire to become successful with their projects, many unfortunately face setbacks that make it hard for them to achieve their goals. But not for freshman Jalen Ponder’ 25, the Chief Executive Officer of Evendtor, a connection platform for food trucks

Tattoos: Think Before You Ink!

Tattoos are a huge part for different cultures all over the world and have become a part of self-expression and identity for many people over the years. But most people are not at all aware of the meaning of their tattoos. Do most even take