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“The Devil All the Time” Review

The Devil All the Time starts from the very beginning where the narrator explains this tale as different people living near each other in West Virginia and how they are connected by conflicts. Set between 1945 and 1965 a time where the U.S. ended one

Early Voting

As the final Presidential debate aired this past Thursday, we now are nearing the election. If you are not going to sign up for an absentee ballot and prefer to vote in-person, early voting started up this past week and will continue into this week.

“The Boys”

Superheros, comedy, action, and gore, what’s not to love? The Boys has it all and is now one of the greatest hits on Amazon Prime Video. This series had a great debut in 2019 and has come back again in 2020 better than before, and

Everything to know about Dune (2021)

Last month we got the first glimpse of photo stills and trailer for 2021 highly anticipated film Dune. Director Denis Villeneuve set his eyes on remaking Dune, based on the 1965 science-fiction novel by Frank Herbert. Dune’s first adaptation was in 1984 by director David

Beloit College Cinema

This semester Beloit College launched its very own movie streaming service for students and this allows them access to view films from the dorm room. A recent email from Ryan Shamp at Reslife gave details about Beloit’s newest addition. Reslife has partnered up with Swank

Review: I’m Thinking About Ending Things

Written and Directed by Charlie Kaufman this film dives into the concept of time throughout different parts of our lives. Kaufman took a stab at adapting the 2016 novel by Paul Reid onto the big screen or the little screen due to it only being

How Art Courses are Adapting to Hybrid Learning

In-person class gatherings have always been vital to art courses. Teaching, critiquing, and physically working on art projects happen best in-person. Since our arrival on campus, we have seen the in-classroom experience change and we have adapted our daily schedules in the new age of