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Found Objects, a Springtime Offering

Spring… Is not my favorite time of year. Yes, of course, I enjoy the lengthening days and (relatively) warmer weather, but spring will never be my favorite. The cold lingers too far into April, puddles, and mud are a constant threat while walking across campus,

3/8 Horoscopes

Pisces: Pisces, prepare for the unexpected. You can’t control the people around you, so try and let them go! Focus on your own intentions and think before you make any big moves this week. Aries: You’re in for a surprise this week, Aries. Prepare yourself

Horoscopes 3/1

  Pisces: Pisces, it’s your season now, and it’s a great time to start sharing the love with yourself for once. When you feel the capacity for affection, sometimes it’s worthwhile to focus in on your own needs! Aries: It’s time to dance yourself out

Horoscopes for the week of 9/28

Aries – It’s been easy for you to feel overwhelmed lately, and you’re lacking your usual outlets to let off some steam. Don’t stress, good things are on their way! Put your mask on and find a reason to celebrate with a friend (six feet