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Biden Calls Code Red on Climate Change

President Biden paid a visit to areas who were directly impacted by the deadly havoc Hurricane Ida stirred up earlier this month. As Biden visited cities such as New Jersey, who accounted for more than half of the death toll, Queens, and Manville. The president

Return to In-Person Classes: A New Normal

It goes without saying that many of us were not prepared to deal with the challenges and consequences that the COVID-19 virus had brought onto us as students and individuals in the beginning of 2020. At the start of the pandemic Beloit College took protective

Hurricane Ida Devastates Louisiana

As some go into this Labor day weekend, Grand Isle, Louisiana is left to look back at the direct impact Hurricane Ida left their home in. Grand Isle is a hidden island located along Louisiana’s shoreline; previously known for their abundant ecosystem. Wildlife could be

Rise in Covid Cases for Janesville-Beloit Area

In both cases, Beloit and Janesville had a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases reporting over 100 news cases since Sept. 13. Municipal data from Rock County Public Health Department shows that Beloit reported 111 cases since last Monday. Looking at a larger scale, Rock County