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Preserving Fresh Foods for the Struggling Student

It can be challenging as a college student trying to eat healthily, most of the time whatever is being served on campus is what you get. Though if you’re an avid celery stick snacker or enjoy cooking meals for yourself with fresh ingredients, how are you meant to store these things? Here are a few tips to easily preserve these perishable items.

Usually, you have a general idea where these items should be stored, after all, your parents would have stuck potatoes in the cabinet or just thrown the box of berries in the fridge. Just doing that though can be a recipe for disaster especially when food waste is the likely outcome. 

The rule of thumb for most things is if it has a root it should be stored submerged in water or damp with a moist paper towel. For example just the roots of herbs, lettuce, bok choy can be submerged in a glass of cold water or can be washed and wrapped in a damp paper towel in a sandwich bag. Other products like carrots and celery can be fully submerged in a jar of water. If these are stored properly they can last up to several weeks. 

Produce like berries and grapes need to be soaked in a bath of salt and water or vinegar and water, this way kills any existing bacteria and keeps them fresh for a few more days. They should be stored in a shallow container with a paper towel on top, as well as keeping the lid slightly open helps with allowing moisture to escape. Things like bananas need to be wrapped at the end of the stem.

Though it can be exhausting trying to stay on top of moving and cleaning your produce, there are still some fruits and veggies that can withstand being left alone so you’re still able to enjoy things like carrots, grapes, potatoes, apples, oranges, pears, etc. As well as these items can be easily accessible because of local farmers markets. Beloit is known for having their summer/fall and winter farmers markets. Where you can buy local farmers and businesses goods for reasonable prices and a better quality than grocery stores.

During the warmer weather the farmers market can be found directly in downtown Beloit from 8am-1pm on Saturdays rain or shine! 

(The farmers market goes from May-October).

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