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I Think You Should Yell at Students Out of Your Dorm Window

There is not a catch to this title, you should definitely yell at students out of your dorm window.  There is a chance an anonymous person hid behind their window and meowed while you walked past, leaving you confused but also a little exhilarated. Maybe you yourself have partook in a little yell action. But the result is the same, the rest of the day your mind seems to linger on the questions who/ why. This is inevitable but the goal is the feeling. Community concentrate.

  How could yelling at someone be a positive thing? As someone who hangs around like minded people that happily participate in a meowing sesion or maybe throwing a compliment out a window, I have seen many possibilities play out. Complements from disembodied voices are always a campus highlight. NOT sexualizing someone, but giving them a well meaning confidence booster on their wardrobe, personality, or vibe. It is a boost that takes little social energy from you since there is no forced response and your identity is hidden. It adds a little quirk to Beloit College campus. Just remember to be nice about it.

  My freshman year I saw my bushnell window and immediately started meowing at people. It was relaxing, freeing, like having the wind in my hair and the sun on my skin. Virtuous! I ended up making friends with most of the people I meowed at and whenever I would reveal that I was the kitty culprit, our relationship would grow all the more.

 I do not support heckling or yelling with the intent to harm, and if you know you will be safe, imagine confusing them by hollering back. A little moment of victory to temporarily stun your harasser and make yourself feel like a little less of an object! Of course the intent is not to take revenge but to create a more connected campus, however it can possibly give you the confidence to stand up to someone. 

  Sometimes the people you yell at arent going to be the best recipients, and my biggest tip for that is, try to aim for acquaintances and friends. The closer you are with them the better since some people could potentially walk away from the situation confused and worse off. It is an art.

 Remember there is a difference between catcalling vs yelling. We are not promoting harassment but a positive holler carefully calculated to make someone’s day sexy and fun. This has already been a staple of residential culture and I thoroughly believe you should yell at people out of your window. 

Interview with seasoned screamer-Ezekiel kingsburry:

Sophia: When was the first time you yelled at someone on campus

Zeke: Probably the first week of school when you made me.

Sophia: And how does screaming at people make you feel?

Zeke: I don’t know it just makes me feel alive. Yeah that is it, it makes me feel like a real person.

Sophia: How do you think the recipient normally feels?

Zeke: Usually they take it in good fun and just continue on with their day, smile on their face, but there have been times where it has gone, well, weird.

Sophia: Interesting, do you remember a specific time when it went weird?

Zeke: No, they have not been eventful enough to remember, but I do remember being catcalled!

Sophia: Did your experience with positive heckling help you in any way deal with that?

Zeke: There is a level of disconnect if someone is catcalling you from a window, but in my experience I feel like I can bounce back better when I then do a similar thing but with the intention to brighten someone’s day. 

Sophia: Thanks Zeke! Any last words?

Zeke: I have had a fart trapped in my cheeks this entire time! *BOOM* *CRASH*

Sophia:*static noise*

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