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How I Feel About the Buildings on Beloit College Campus

Beloit college has a lot of interesting architecture, some good, bad and downright confusing. As someone who has spent time in each building I am going to give you my hot takes of four of my favorite and least favorites.

  1. To start out, my least favorite series of buildings are the “gologue buildings”. Whitney, Blaisdale, Bushnell, Pete, and Porter. Although separate they are all one endless maze of brick, mirrors, and future frat boys using the bathroom and not washing their hands. If this is you then I support your decision but I can’t say it doesn’t add a little culture to the building… literally. Built loosely in rectangle form, they are red brick with beige grout sporting double doors along the side facing the wall. Predictable white windows line the entirety of the structures, decorated with the perfect amount of grime! The roof is flat and if you walk to the top of the stairs there might be a recycling bin with orange rain water to combat the design failure. They are truly nightmares, but they have their charm. Call it Stockholm syndrome!
  2. My last least favorite can be overlooked as mid, but once you hear its history you might think again before you enter without a gas mask. Brannon last year was known for being, well, loud. As someone who spent most of my days there let me tell you, it goes so much deeper than that. The building is reminiscent of a gym. White walls, carpeted floors, sinks in rooms, doesn’t sound that bad right? WRONG! There must be a curse that falls on the susceptible because those white walls were smeared with poop. Someone took their feces on multiple occasions and smeared it. It doesn’t end there though. The bathrooms, after the weekend, were never not covered in puke and the people were always either blasting music, eachother, or running around. The sinks in the rooms were convenient for dumping bong water and ash, and if you had the honor of walking in these rooms you could tell that if there was not already mold, its existence was imanint. There were some honorable members of Brannon who were good, but their lives were plagued by menaces on the first and third floor. The school made the decision to not use that building this semester for whatever reasons. Thank god!
  3. One of my favorite buildings on campus is the Wright Museum of Art. It is another red brick building, but with interesting roofing and a grand door. The first floor is a show room with dark oak wood ceiling paneling. You will be greeted by a showing of amazing paintings which you can walk around and look at. It truly is such a wonderful building to be in. On the top floor there is a classroom that has a completely windowed ceiling which is used for painting. The lightning is impeccable and the vibes are even greater. Although I have only been there once I have never been able to forget my experience. Truly beautiful!
  4. Last but not least there is Emerson hall. Built in 1897 it takes the cake for best looking building on campus. Not to mention that it offers fully furnished apartments with functional clean kitchens and living areas. Bay windows adorn most rooms, and the dark red brick exterior gives it an almost gothic look. When I first came here I promised myself that one day I will live in this building and put up potted plants in the windows. Truly a stunning building on campus.

My opinions are shared by many students, but the key word is opinion. As someone who has lived in Whitney and Bushnell I have a lot of love for these structures since I called them home at a certain point. It doesn’t really matter what a building looks like, but what you do with it, and unless that is smearing poop on the walls, it won’t set you back from greatness. 

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