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Daily Archives: September 19, 2022

Preserving Fresh Foods for the Struggling Student

It can be challenging as a college student trying to eat healthily, most of the time whatever is being served on campus is what you get. Though if you’re an avid celery stick snacker or enjoy cooking meals for yourself with fresh ingredients, how are

The Demise of Hammies

It’s spring 2022. Hammie’s breakfast is thriving and the lunchtime rush has the Powerhouse packed. Laughter and joy echo throughout the building. Life is good.  Flash forward to present day and the once lively dining area adjacent to Hammie’s is now a ghost town. Empty

Life in Today’s Russia

B войну играют политики а страдает простой народ.  Politicians play war and ordinary people suffer.  Russian Proverb  This quote is a reality of lives being lived by so called ‘ordinary people’ all over Eastern Europe. On Thursday, February 24, 2022 The Russian Federation invaded Ukraine,

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Railroad Workers’ Strike Threatens US Economy

For literally centuries, people who work in the railroad industry have been subject to lousy pay and unfair work agreements. Railroad worker strikes happen all the time but a recent one, which officially ignited in September of 2022 is gaining more coverage than most. Although