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Thumpasaurus- “Live at the Echo” Review

Thumpasaurus has been making a name for themselves recently when “Struttin’” went viral on Tiktok. Their bold, almost violent, upbeat, funky tunes have captivated a good amount of the algorithm. Their most captivating album, Live at The Echo, is a hour and a half long musical experience where we can listen as lead singer Lucas Tamaren loses all energy and breath throughout it’s course, coming back at the end with a beautiful “At the End of the Night”. 

We begin with a rather slow, “You Are So Pretty”, which this reviewer could do without if it were not for the vocal performance. Tamaren has an ability to grab you by your ears and force you into the world of Thump. After this slow introduction and a bass solo, we are thrust into one of the most intense songs I have listened to in months. All members give “I’m Too Funky” their all. You can really see the influences of classical jazz training that most of them have coming through in this song. This 6 minute long masterpiece starts off running and never slows down. The song ends to much applause, but Thumpasaurus isn’t anywhere close to stopping. With nearly no break, we enter “Dance Like It’s Your Life”, which serves as a breath. We are graced with a slower and beautiful keyboard solo by Paul Cornish, before the tempo picks up once more and we are thrust into this reviewer’s favorite Thump: “Struttin’”. 

“Struttin’ – Live” is remarkably different from the studio version. The studio version is polished and perfected. All the vocals are perfect and the tempo is constant. “Struttin’ – Live” on the other hand, is a chaotic take on an already chaotic song that features a distinct lack of polish. Tamaren seems out of breath for the entirety. A lesser group performing this song in such an unpolished state would be hard to listen to, but “Struttin’ – Live” builds every single imperfection into a masterpiece. Solo after solo, vocals acting as percussion, there is no break here. 

Next we move into various solos by different members to build to “Mental Karate”, a rather goofy song that teaches us about mental health. We now very much slow down, until we reach our drop at “Lovin’ You”, a Sinatra-type performance that refuses to hold back any of the funk and insane performance. “I’m Pissed” and “Space Barn” are distinctly up-beat and feel heavy. The crowd is wild. With another solo, we fly into Tamaren’s love of an unknown star, “Beta Lupi”. Thump is distinct in their complete lack of lyrical definition. There is no through-line. There is no purpose but Thump. 

And with that, we arrive at the ultimate performance, “End of the Night”. Thumpasaurus delivers on their title. With energy and bravado, Lucas Tamaren, Logan Cane, Paul Cornish, Henry Solomon, and Nate Lichtenberger deliver pure funk. If you are ever driving down a country road in a “stop for nothing, kill some pedestrians” type mood, give Thump a try.

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