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Study Abroad with Global Experience Office

Study abroad is a unique experience that many describe as life changing. This impactful experience is available to all Beloit College students along with access to financial, emotional and technical resources. The Global Experience Office has recently revamped its application process along with its website and is the hub for all study abroad needs, questions and concerns. Application updates include only one academic reference required along with more targeted application prompts making the application shorter than in previous years. Hours being 9am-4:30pm Monday through Friday, students can either walk in or set up an appointment via handshake or email with one of three amazing study abroad experts and advisors: Kathy Landon, Josh Moore and Julianne Angeli ‘12. 

Study abroad locations are vast as the Global Experience Office office has locations available on six continents. Junior Nati Ramirez-Vang studying in Townsville, Australia said, “It [study abroad] has changed my perspective by taking on views that are not usually prioritized in the US. As a poli-sci and anthropology major, we tend to hear a lot from perspectives that are very driven by US interest. Studying abroad means you get to learn which values in society, economics, politics, and more are prioritized in another country and relearn the same concepts from a whole new perspective. I recommend it to every student, especially those looking into international careers as it gives a good first look into how to adjust to living in a new country, working with new people, and learning just as much about yourself as your studies”. 

Opportunities are available for as early as spring semester 2023, but the deadline is approaching fast. Deadlines for Spring study abroad programs are September 15, 2022 and applications for the Fall 2023 semester are February 1, 2023.

 Summer Global Experience Seminars are also available for any students interested or unable to study abroad during the school year. “I chose to do the Granada study abroad because I wanted to immerse myself in the language, and I wanted to get a feel for study abroad without committing to a full semester. The work for the class was insightful and definitely enhanced all of the in-person, hands-on learning we got to experience while there. Visiting the Alhambra as well as other less known sites in Granada with the insights of the teachers from CEA made the trip more intimate, educational, and so much more than a several week vacation,” said Senior Zoe Landolt who was on the Granada, Spain summer block. Senior Benelli Ganch, who also participated in the Granada, Spain summer block, expressed similar thoughts, “I chose to go to Granada because it was the perfect amount of time and the fact that I was around others for someone who wasn’t sure about studying abroad alone. Overall the program structure was well balanced!” Summer programs are yet to come out, however, keep your eyes open for the different trips offered. First and second year students will also automatically receive a scholarship for these programs!

A major concern when it comes to study abroad is financial abilities, however, it is available to students on all types of budgets as there is approximately 100,000 dollars available in financial resources and scholarships internally, and an unlimited amount available externally. For official information and advice visit or set up an appointment via handshake or email. 

Along with profound financial aid and resources available, emotional and mental resources are also available for both those who have and want to study abroad. The Global Experience Office has a pre-departure and post-departure preparation and orientation course to ensure successful entry and re-entry into communities. Along with these courses, the Global Experience Office has a peer mentor on staff; Senior Brianna Aguilar who has gone abroad herself and is willing to talk, help and advise other students on all topics of study abroad. 

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