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Football Season Outlook

The Beloit College Buccaneers Football have had some hard times these past couple of years. Most notbaly last year going winless. While most programs would look at this and get dismissed or lose hope. Beloit’s Football team is not. 

Last year after having a record number of newcomers to the team and now looking onto this season (and maybe next.) There’s a lot of things to look forward to. It’s the old Jimmy Valvano line. He was applying for a coaching position, and the team had not played any games. He asked that team’s admission why I should be excited to coach this team. Their answers are simple yet powerful. 

We’re bringing everyone back 

While Beloit did lose seniors last, and most notably tial back Silas Say. They have a lot of returners on both sides of the ball. The one that gets fans, and coaches equally is Jacob Shafer. 

It’s called the hardest position in sports for a reason. To helm a team as a freshman is no small task. Jacob Shafer did it, and did it well with what he had. Except him and his receivers to be dynamic this year on the outside. With names like Cooper Larabee, Stanley Hypolite, and Jeto Rivar Sanon. There’s so many options with different skill sets. 

Out of all of those I didn’t even mention Wide Receiver #1, and arguably team MVP. AJ Fitpatrick. 

Fitpatrick is just a player who you can’t take your eyes off of. Whether it be him on jets sweeps,catching passes, and even returning the ball he’s dynamic. Watching the relationship between Fitzpatrick and Shafer grow will be crucial in Beloit success this season, and beyond. 

On the Defense side Beloit brings back the Spirit of the team in Lens Bernadel. Len’s not only constantly blowing up plays, but keeping his teammates involved in the game as well. 

With the defense the major question mark this season it’ll be interesting to see who shows up. My guess is everyone will be left impressed by the secondary.  

The pieces are here in Beloit for a successful team. When the wins start coming will be based on how fast the younger teammates come along. All I truly know is Beloit has some momentum going. 

Later Interceptions Hurt Beloit in Tough Loss

The Beloit College Buccaneers took on the Cornell college Rams in a Midwest Conference game on Saturday September 10th. The final score of this tough battle was 35-14 in favor of the Rams. 

The Beloit offense showed a lot of promise in this game. We saw flashes in the receiving core from AJ Fitpatirck, and Jeto Rivar Sanon. Both having major catches in the game. The offense at times moved the ball with ease. Jacob Shafer had a couple of bad interceptions in crucial times, but didn’t play a bad game at all. You take those crucial turnovers away. Beloit is right in it. 

The Rams just ran the ball all day long. It was a battle in the trenches on the defensive side of the ball for the Buccaneers. The Rams had six running backs get carries, and all were somewhat stifled at times and all were somewhat successful at times. A lot of lessons learned today. 

Beloit will be back in action at home on October 8th. This will be Beloit’s homecoming.

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