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Beloit Ratifies New BSG Bylaws and a New Student Statement of Culture

Labor Day was punctuated by BSG’s Ratification Day celebration. The festivities included free food from food trucks, aimed to increase voter participation and allow BSG to ratify the new Bylaws and Statement of Culture with the support of the student body. Changes to the Student Statement of Culture included the replacing of several clauses meant to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the fall of 2020 when the college welcomed students back onto campus. Notable new clauses promoting inclusivity and a clause acknowledging the presence of the college on stolen land were also added. In total, BSG recorded 348 “Yes” votes and only 2 “No” votes. 

Focusing on the inclusivity clause, BSG has also identified that historically white colleges like Beloit were created to serve and perpetuate violence towards non-white students. Raising this sort of awareness, student demands put forward by the Black Students United (BSU) were considered to create an anti-racist institution, recognizing the presence of anti-Blackness and seeking ways to eliminate it. BSG also included the importance of -isms and phobias, such as racism, ableism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, and transphobia, striving to raise awareness and help mitigate them by identifying the importance of equity and equality. Prioritization of mental health is an important clause to point out as BSG had stated that physical and mental health, which also includes the rights of a student’s individual autonomy, acknowledged that people will have different ways to support and help one another while also notioning the idea of creating a more sustainable campus by working with the college community in addressing the ongoing climate crisis. BSG has committed to make sure classes and learning spaces are a place of inclusivity while recognizing the importance of academic honesty and also recognizing failure as part of a learning process. 

Ratification Day was also a small introduction to a new campaign on campus called “Why Bother, Wisconsin?” focused on educating mainly students but also community members about the how and why of voting. Currently Beloit has partnered with Alverno College and Marian University but other institutions are interested. If you visit multiple resources are available for students in various situations. Even if you aren’t from Wisconsin or have never been registered, the project aims to make sure everyone’s vote is counted. Lookout for the campus kickoff day on Tuesday, September 20th also known as National Voter Registration Day. 

In order to better reach the student body, BSG has also reinstated their column in The Round Table. In a conversation with Maij Springer-Otto ’24, the new Communications Director, she told us “BSG has a lot of resources that people don’t know about. We want to put that information out there so people can utilize these resources.” Check out the Student Statement of Culture as well as a message from BSG on the next page. 

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