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Three Places Around Beloit to Soak up the Sun

Though the Midwest would like you to believe otherwise, it has officially been spring for almost a month. The dozen giant snowmen scattered around campus don’t reflect this fact, but warmer temperatures are on their way regardless and it is time to prepare for that familiar feeling of the sun hitting your Vitamin D deprived soul, and you grapple with questions like “Should I put on sunscreen?” or “Can we sit outside for class?” or “Should I skip and go lay in the grass?” Hopefully you answer “no” to that last question, but it is tempting. Warmer weather draws people out of their warm, cozy dorm rooms and begs them to shed their layers and appreciate the sun’s rays. Here are three places around Beloit to experience the sun and soak up the warmth that is (hopefully) on its way (please I am begging, I need the sun). 

Aldrich Field

It seems basic, and self explanatory, but laying out a towel in Aldrich Field with some of your friends is one of the best ways to take advantage of the sun. Bring a speaker, a book, some drinks, and relax. This is especially entertaining on days where the whole school is doing the exact same thing. The obstacles make it more exciting; dodging footballs, avoiding frisbees, maneuvering around people playing Spikeball. Laying out in Aldrich Field is a great way to take a break during a busy school day and relax, and because it’s on campus you don’t have to travel far at all!

Riverside Park

Despite its close proximity to campus (about a 10 minute walk, depending on where you are on campus), Riverside Park is underutilized. I don’t know about you, but for some reason I always forget the park exists, but it’s a happy reminder when I do. Riverside Park has some great features that will make you excited to make the walk in the sunshine. The inviting green grass invites you to lay down a blanket and have a picnic. If you time it right, you can have a picnic, maybe throw a frisbee or, if you’re feeling like throwing it back to the 90s, playing hacky sack, and then watch the sunset over the river and take in the colors that seem impossibly at odds with the Rock River. Riverside Park also has a paved walking path that goes around the whole park, which is great for biking or skateboarding. You can also rent rollerblades from the Powerhouse and rollerblade around the park, which would immediately make you cooler than every other person there. 

Turtle Creek Greenway Trail

Turtle Creek is a beautiful area to stroll through. In spring, the trees blossom back to life. The trail is enclosed with lush, verdant plants and trees that dapple the sunlight that shines through. The trail runs along the creek and entices you to wade in to cool off your sweaty feet. If you do wade in, I’d suggest wearing a pair of shoes. I would also caution going past, say, your knees, if the water is that high. Regardless of Beloit water, the Turtle Creek trail is a great place to get away from school and recharge in a place with fresh air and nature. It’s also a great place to go if you want to romanticize your life and journal under a tree. 

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