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Quick and Easy Rice Cake Snacks

Finding the time to make meals in college is a very real stress. If you’re in the mood to munch or need a quick energy boost during the day, rice cakes are a quick and very easy snack to prepare. They’re also a relatively good bang for your buck! Here are some of my favorite things to pair with them. 

Peanut butter rice cake – a very easy and fueling breakfast or snack. Great protein option! This is also so good topped off with some banana. 

Rice cake with hummus – so creamy and yummy. This is also great with some cucumber on top. 

Rice cake with cheese – any kind of cheese works but I recommend a creamier cheese. For broke students on a budget, The Laughing Cow cheese bites are great! This is also yummy with some sriracha, salsa or jam on top (don’t knock it till you try it!) 

Peanut butter and chocolate chips – okay I know this one sounds a little odd at a glance but I promise you it’s so good. Once you’ve put the peanut butter and chocolate chips on, pop it in the toaster (put your toaster on its side first though) and toast until the chips are melted. This may or may not be a high snack but hey, it’s yummy and really hits the spot when you’re scrambling for any munchie food you can find. 

Rice cake with tuna fish – this is a great alternative to tuna fish and matzoh (or just a tuna fish sandwich I guess…) But this is a super easy and filling snack. I like to top this with some sriracha and cucumbers, but whatever you add or don’t add, this is a great option. 

Cream cheese and smoked salmon rice cake – this is one of my favorite combos to put on a rice cake. It makes you feel very classy too (it’s giving tea party!) I also love to add capers if I happen to have any on hand. 

Nutella and banana – I feel like it kind of goes without saying that this is going to be good. 

Avocado toast rice cake – this is a simple alternative to avocado toast. I’m a bit of an avocado toast snob so I go for this one when I don’t have any good bread on hand. The crunchiness of the rice cake pairs great with the avocado. You can do a lot with this one (add some salmon or an egg.) Just don’t forget to season your avocado!

Yogurt, granola and rice cake? – I know this is messing with a classic but I love the crunch that the rice cake adds to my yogurt and granola, I can’t even cap. The yogurt also helps to offset the rice flavor which can sometimes overwhelm. 

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