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Buccaneer Lacrosse Hits the Field

Beloit women’s lacrosse only played two games last season. This year they have already played almost three times that amount of games. Right now, they are 1-4, but they are putting up points in every contest, which is promising. May Willison’23 wrote in an email interview that “even though we have lost a few games so far we have learned so much and really grown as a team.” 

   Willison is one of two team captains. She wrote that she is learning valuable skills that will help her in the future. Being a captain changes some things, she wrote “I have to be on top of everything and be ready to answer questions and concerns the team may have. Our coach really relies on the captains to be his eyes and ears off the field.” But quite frankly, that can be a really empowering feeling, knowing your coach is relying on you for so much, as well as your teammates. 

   Through the first five games the Bucs’ leading scorer is Johanna McNair’25 with 10 goals. Second on the team is Katrina Sanchez’24 with six goals, followed by Chloe Hain’22 with five. McNair also leads the team in caused turnovers. 

   Between the posts, it’s been Sofia Jeddeloh’23 all year. Playing every minute but one through the first half of the season, and killing it. 

   The Bucs were set to play April 2, but with the heavy snowfall, that game got postponed.

   Beloit men’s lacrosse is off to a rough start. They are 1-5 on the year. Their only win came in a one point victory at Carroll University. To be fair, this is their first time playing in over two years. They played only four games in the spring of 2020. Then their season got canceled due to the virus. In the spring last year, they did not compete at all.

   Needless to say, the men are happy to get back on the field. Hunter Brown’22 wrote in an email interview that “The older players and I can have one last ride together before we enter the real world…We can be proud of having come this far and not giving up, no matter what is thrown at us.” Which could have been very easy to do. Not many athletes compete all four years for one reason or another. For these men to stick it out through two canceled seasons is something to be proud of.

   The roster is composed of a mix between experienced players and young ones; five seniors, one junior, one sophomore and eight freshman. With some teams, there can be a pecking order due to age or experience, but not on this team. Brown wrote “We all have something to offer each other… Everyone on the team is a leader in some way, regardless of age or position” Adding that they have a lot of fun at practice and off the field. 

   But what matters is what happens on the field. On the field the Bucs are off to a rough start, though there is lots of time to turn it around. They are giving up an average of 14.3 goals per game, while only scoring 2.8 per game, including two shutouts offensively. But the goal distribution is very balanced. Will Palmer’25 leads with five goals, Olaf Sorenson’22 with three, followed by three players with two goals and three players with one.

   One thing to note, both teams’ head coaches are in their first year at Beloit.

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