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Monthly Archives: April 2022

The Power and the Beauty: Food as an Expressive Art Form

“Third things are essential…, objects or practices or habits or arts or institutions or games or human beings that provide a site of joint rapture or contentment.”  -Donald Hall, “The Third Thing”    Food is often thought of as merely a means to sustain one’s life–to

I Don’t Like Cold Weather

Human beings are the most adaptable animals on the planet. From our cradle in Africa, to North America, humans have spread across all kinds of terrain and climates, using tools to adapt from the thinnest air in Machu Picchu to the lonely islands of Polynesia.

A Guide to Tracking the Alt-Right

Part I: Discovery  Some weeks ago, up at our northern border, a militia of Canadian truckers formed a blockade on the interstate in response to the Prime Minister’s declaration that international travel must require passports. This drew international attention, and as well as being disappointed

Baseball and Softball Off to a Rough Start

Taking a step in the right direction    After a trip to the beach the Buccaneers needed to bounce back quickly with conference games on the way. After dropping the first game back to Grinnell they have been on a three game win streak that was

Buccaneer Lacrosse Hits the Field

Beloit women’s lacrosse only played two games last season. This year they have already played almost three times that amount of games. Right now, they are 1-4, but they are putting up points in every contest, which is promising. May Willison’23 wrote in an email

KC Johnson: Beloit at its Best

 When you tour Beloit College for the first time, your guide likely emphasized the limitless opportunities of the campus, which seems like a hypocritical statement. How could a school in the middle of nowhere, that only has a campus population of 1,200 be a place

On-Campus Mask Policy Changes

  The on-campus masking policy went into effect on Monday, Mar. 28. Newsletter no. 63 sent out by the COVID-19 Task Force, informed the student body that after much consideration they have decided that after spring break masks will be optional in indoor spaces on campus

Beloit Turner School Board Election

Four Candidates running for three seats on Beloit Turner School Board     On Apr. 5, 2022, four candidates will be competing for three seats on the Beloit Turner School Board. Among the candidates, there are two incumbents and two newcomers that will be on the ballot.

Body Found of Former Beloit Student

   Former Beloit College student, Kerina Blue, was discovered deceased from a suspected suicide on Mar. 13, 2022, according to her family, after going missing while on a hiking trip. They attended Beloit College for seven semesters before moving to Milwaukee and would have been a

Quick and Easy Rice Cake Snacks

Finding the time to make meals in college is a very real stress. If you’re in the mood to munch or need a quick energy boost during the day, rice cakes are a quick and very easy snack to prepare. They’re also a relatively good