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WBCR Spotlight: Stardust Radio Show

 Jemia Irving ‘22, host of WBCR’s “Stardust Radio Show,” sat down with The Round Table to tell all there is to know about her show. Broadcasting Friday nights from 10PM until 11PM, Stardust Radio Show is a talk-radio show with a little music thrown in. Irving told The Round Table that she uses her show as a way to “make a statement” across campus before she graduates. She hosted the show for a brief stint during the fall semester but is putting her whole heart into the show this semester. For Irving, “Stardust Radio Show” is a “stress reliever,” but she also does the show because she hopes it will bring smiles to the faces of her listeners.

   When deciding to host “Stardust Radio Show,” Irving claims that she saw the show as a way to be creative and to address topics that are close to her heart. She emphasized how important it is that she discusses mental health on her show. When asked why mental health has been a main topic on her show, Irving said that “… in the Black community, that’s a taboo subject.” As a Black woman, Irving takes pride in tackling such a tough subject and letting her listeners know that it is okay not to be okay. It is also common for Irving to discuss what it was like “growing up as a plus-sized girl.” While most of the topics covered on “Stardust Radio Show” are personal to Irving, she does also discuss campus issues and spirituality. She also enjoys reporting positive news about celebrities that she likes, including singers Rihanna and Doja Cat.

   Irving’s goal was to bring positive vibes to WBCR’s airwaves. She sees her show being unique in this sense, because her content is meant to uplift listeners, and she makes it simple for listeners to connect with her stories. Even the music she plays exudes positive vibes! Irving told The Round Table that during one of her shows, one can expect to hear a fusion of neo-soul and “old school” R&B. She tends to use music as filler, since most of the show is discussion-based. Irving will occasionally recite the WBCR station phone number on air and invite listeners to call in. For her Feb. 25 broadcast, she invited listeners to call in and answer Black History Month trivia questions. Irving is thankful for listeners and is always excited to have them call in to “Stardust Radio Show.”

   Prior to hosting her own show, Irving said that she had always listened to student programs on WBCR. Having listened to the station in the past, she hopes that people who listen to her show take positive advice away from it. Irving stated that her friends have always found her advice helpful, so she hopes that her listeners find it just as helpful. Finally being able to host her own show allowed her to share a piece of herself that she is not always able to share in an academic setting. Irving is unafraid to be herself and sees this as being a draw of her show.  In fact, this sheer “authenticity” is precisely why Irving believes that people should tune in to Stardust Radio Show. 

   For her Mar. 4 broadcast, Irving plans to have an artist pop in for an interview. Initially, the artist was going to be interviewed during the Feb. 25 show, but he had a family emergency that pushed things back. Irving hopes to have him on her show this week, but is excited to reschedule if he cannot make it so soon. She invites everyone to tune in to her show for some good music, positive vibes, and authenticity, every Friday 10PM-11PM on WBCR 90.3FM!

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