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Wild N’ Out at Beloit

Thanks to Black Students United (BSU), Beloit College hosted its own rendition of MTV’s “Wild N’ Out.” Premiering in 2005, “Wild N’ Out” is an improv and sketch comedy game show hosted by musician and actor Nick Cannon. Each episode features two teams of comedians who compete in improvisational minigames. Many of these games consist of freestyle rapping, roasting other competitors and the Wild N’ Out girls, and improvising dances. Since its premiere, Wild N’ Out has been a huge part of Black culture and has even been responsible for launching the careers of numerous Black comedians.

Hosted on Feb. 18 by BSU members Hope Spann ‘23 and Devin Pittman ‘23, Beloit’s Wild N’ Out brought the Wilson Auditorium to life! Members of BSU were split into two teams, the Black Squad and the Red Squad, and participated in six games. Even though all of the games in Wild N’ Out are improvisational, the two squads spent at least an hour each Sunday rehearsing since the beginning of the semester. In an email from BSU president, Jada Daniel ‘23, it was disclosed that the only game for which there was no preparation was Wild Style. Played at the end of the show, Wild Style is a freestyle rap battle between the two squads. The goal is to come up with funny rhymes about members of the opposing team. Wild Style was dominated by the Red Squad’s Justin White ‘25 and the Black Squad’s Deo Edwards ‘22. White and Edwards were quick with their rebuttals and kept the crowd laughing.

The crowd seemed to get particularly excited by the amount of audience engagement. Prior to the official start of the show, audience members were invited on stage to showcase their best dance moves. Later, during the game Family Reunion, all of the performers ventured into the crowd to roast audience members. The winning team was even decided based on the audience’s applause; the Black Team, headed by Jada Daniel, were the victors. One thing that Daniel made clear in her email to the Round Table was that all roasts during Wild N’ Out may seem real, but they are all in good humor and are never meant to offend anyone. 

Wild N’ Out has been an annual BSU tradition for years. Daniel first participated in the show during her freshman year, during which she was a member of the Red Squad. She told the Round Table that participating in Wild N’ Out is important to her because it gives Black students a “creative outlet.” The camaraderie formed during the rehearsal process is also a huge reason why Daniel enjoys doing the show. Many of the rehearsals are spent goofing off, she wrote, which helped team members get closer to each other and most importantly, to have fun! “The show made me feel closer and connected to the people in BSU,” said Daniel.

Daniel also told the Round Table she loves that Black students are able to showcase their talents at Wild N’ Out without a filter or preparation. In her email, she specifically acknowledged the vocal talent of Justin White. For Daniel as a freshman, the Wild N’ Out experience was “unforgettable,” and she was determined to make the experience of this year’s participants just as memorable. Furthermore, Daniel sees the event as a staple Black History Month event at Beloit College. “We just really want to maintain the legacy and traditions of BSU, so we couldn’t celebrate Black History Month the Beloit BSU way without hosting Wild ‘N Out,” she wrote. The event drew a huge audience of students from all backgrounds who were excited to support the talents of BSU.

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