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Unexpected Things Found in Peet

Long considered the “stoner dorm” of Beloit campus, Peet holds a special place at Beloit. No other dorm has its own festival, its own reputation, and its own history the way Peet does. The rich culture of Peet has fostered an interesting environment, filled with funky fresh happenings that you might not find in any other dorm. 

  1. One common characteristic of Peet are the ceiling tiles, or sometimes, lack thereof. This is a thread that is sewn throughout campus, and Peet is no exception. Missing ceiling tiles, ceiling tiles that are different colors and styles, ceiling tiles with fun stains, and even tiles with holes poked into them! It creates a beautiful constellation that leaves college students with entertaining things to look at while they doze off.
  2. If you spend enough time in Peet, you will familiarize yourself with some of the beings that you cohabitate with, such as the centipede-like creatures that roam the halls and walls. Long, spindly legs attached to a long, spindly body, finished off by long, spindly antennae mark the little bugs that crawl around. Well, sometimes little. 
  3. Peet is known for its historically creative and unique dorm inhabitants; people who like to express themselves by dressing how they want and customizing their looks. It’s no surprise that the people of Peet have a tendency to switch up their style, particularly by dying or cutting their hair. It’s not uncommon to find shower curtains stained with fantastic colors left behind by people dying their hair. Hair can also be found in the sinks, remnants of a self haircut. 
  4. Peet is unique in that there is not a single kitchen in the whole dorm. The size of the ground floor lounge would make you think a kitchen should belong there, but there is no oven or refrigerator to speak of. There is, however, a singular microwave, as well as an empty bed frame sitting in the middle of the lounge, with a chair standing atop the bed frame. 
  5. In crime shows, investigators will look through someone’s trash as a way to find out more about them. This can be done in Peet as well, except it can be extended to include recycling as well. A half empty gallon of milk is one peculiar object found in the Peet recycling bins.
  6. The doors in Peet have a unique quirk, sometimes they simply don’t close! This leads to the next thing that can be found in Peet… 
  7. A cat with no tail. Because of the doors not closing, it’s easy for service animals to get out and roam the halls, causing panic and stress for everyone, especially the owners. 
  8. The tunnels under Peet are really the epitome of everything the dorm represents on campus. These tunnels feature the artwork of many students over the years. Filled with paintings, drawings, writing, and graffiti, the tunnels show the artistic side of the creatives that have passed through Beloit College. Humor, existentialism, depression, and intellect cover the walls, exhibiting the thoughts and feelings of the many college students who have bared their souls on the walls. 

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