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Beloit Memorial Teacher Wins Prestigious Award

Business education teacher Anthony Capozziello of Beloit Memorial High School received a 2021 Governor’s Financial Literacy Award on Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2022. There were three categories the governor honored at this year’s awards: individual, organization, and legacy. Governor Tony Evers virtually announced three legacy recipients, six organizations, and eight individuals as recipients to help promote financial education for Wisconsinites. 

   The individual category was only for teachers, managers, and superintendents. The organizations were just companies who had terrific financial security programs.The legacy award can be an individual, business, or organization. This recognition can only be awarded once, kind of like a hall of fame for financial literacy.

   “The meaning of this award for me is the opportunity it affords me to speak candidly and publicly about poverty and how our society isn’t doing enough to rectify it,” Anthony Capozziello said. “Collectively, we need to level the playing field for those born into generational poverty.”

   According to the World Population Review, Beloit’s poverty rate is 23.07 percent- almost double the state average for Wisconsin. This makes Capozziello’s claim even more prominent considering almost a quarter of his students live below the poverty line.

   What makes Capozziello’s award even more impressive is that three out of the five winners from the individual category were from Wisconsin’s biggest city: Milwaukee. 

One of the reasons Capozziello won this award is because of his incredible work ethic and dedication to his job.

   “I’ve been here for 16 years and each year it feels like it could be my last and that I don’t do enough. This is because I personally leave it all on the table; when I teach I don’t mince words and try my damndest to be culturally responsive and relevant,” Capozziello said. “It’s exhausting, but it’s an acquired skill fueled by my passion to engage young people in making not only lives that are financially sound, but also lives that are engaged civically. Our systems need improvement and that will never happen if kids aren’t aware of how they’re preyed upon at every turn.”

   It is clear that Capozziello not only leaves it all on the line, but is also very respected by his coworkers and students.

   “My feedback from them [students and staff] online has been overwhelmingly full of kudos and love. The kids tend to appreciate what I teach as much or more after they leave high school and that response has been overwhelming and very humbling.”

   Anthony Capozziello is surely making the Beloit community proud!

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