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Valentines Day Date Ideas

Valentines Day Date Ideas

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many lovestruck partners are struggling to think of the perfect date idea. This day can feel stressful. How can one express their undying love for a person in just one day? What if something goes wrong or the date just isn’t good enough? Expressing that you care for someone in the right way can be incredibly difficult. But here’s the thing; the date doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to come from you. People just want to know that you care about them, you don’t need an overpriced mediocre steak dinner to prove that. For all my lovesick friends that don’t know where to start when it comes to planning their Valentine’s Day date, here are some ideas from me to you. 

Stick With The Classics

Although I did just call out the expensive steak dinner for being unnecessary, there is absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to the classics. People always love a good meal. Take your partner out to a romantic brunch or dinner (or breakfast or lunch.) There’s no need to seek out a Michelin star restaurant, support a local business! Take them to their favorite place (this is always a good idea.) People love the comfort of knowing what to order and there’s nothing wrong with sticking to what you know and love. But hey, if the steak dinner is your way of expressing love, by all means, go for it!

D.I.Y. It

A great alternative to going out for dinner is staying in for it! Make a meal with your partner. The world is your oyster so make whatever you want. This is a great opportunity to spend some extra time together. Throw on your favorite playlist and get cooking! However, if you notice that your partner tends to make all the meals for you, switch it up. Make the meal before they get there or bar them from the kitchen if they’re home. Then to really spice it up, set a table like you’re at a fancy restaurant. I’m talking about candles on the table (or dorm room desk, just don’t tell security) and maybe even some real silverware. No more Commons’ sporks! After this scrumptious meal, curl up and watch your favorite movie. Maybe even build a pillow fort. Your options are endless!

D.I.Y. it But With Arts and Crafts

Who doesn’t love a craft night? Pull out the construction paper, glitter and beads and get to crafting. Make each other blind Valentines. Sit somewhere that the other person can’t see what you’re doing and make your card. Don’t let your partner see until you’re done! Then you can close your eyes and hand them to each other and both be so overcome with love at the sight of this Valentine made specially for you. Everyone loves a homemade card. 

Spend Some Time in Nature 

For the local Beloiters, there are some awesome spots to soak Wisconsin’s natural beauty right nearby. Take your partner to Turtle Creek and go for a Valentine’s Day stroll. If you’re feeling frisky, make this into a walk and a picnic. There’s no better way to spend a day than spending it outside. (Unless it’s cold, then maybe stick with one of the other ideas.) 

Get Thrifty

Allow me to set the scene. Salvation Army. You each have fifteen dollars and thirty minutes. The goal? Thrift each other an outfit of your choosing. Your partner has to wear whatever you get for them! Now, you can either go cute and get them something you’d like to see them in or take it the other way. Get them a little boys shirt with a Minion holding a banana on it and a pair of pantaloons. They have to wear whatever so why not mess with them a little? They can get you right back. From here, catch a movie or go bowling. Go on a very public date so you can flaunt your new outfits. Time is ticking so go, go, go! 

Spend the Night Out

Whether it’s a concert, museum or a bar for karaoke, a night out is always a fun option. Hit the town and go to some local attractions. This is the best cure for when you’re feeling a bit stir crazy. Get out and do something, and you’re guaranteed to have a good time!

Mix and match these ideas for a full day of fun Valentines activities. Grab dinner and go bowling. Then come back home and watch a movie. Or make each other Valentines then go to an art museum and finish the night off with some karaoke. And don’t forget flowers, everyone loves flowers. The best thing about these ideas is that you can do them with anyone. No partner? No problem! Celebrate with a friend. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, and you don’t need to be in a relationship to do that. 

The best thing about all these ideas? You can do them with a friend! No partner? No problem!

And they can go hand in hand with each other. Craft night into dinner into bowling. Yes please.

And hey if you suck at cooking, there’s always takeout 😉

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