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Daily Archives: February 14, 2022

The Sad Truth For Biracial Women in Hollywood

When people ask me why I refuse to watch “Euphoria,” I tell them it is simply because I do not care for Zendaya. That is not to say she is lacking talent, but I certainly believe that it could be channeled much more productively. Zendaya

In Defense of Commons

Commons is not that bad. That being said, I am told that, as a first-year student, I have not experienced the worst of our infamous dining options. However, this will be an analysis of the way Commons has been perceived throughout this academic year in

“Oh! You Should Check This Out…”

Album Review: “aloha” — Son Little  “Being open to the beauty of accidents is my golden rule.” — Aaron Livingston (Son Little) “aloha” opens with a simple bass line, a verse, and a chorus. It gets to the point, says it, and moves on. “hey

‘Mean Girls’ Broadway Tour Review

Last weekend, I took a trip back home to Milwaukee to catch the Broadway tour of the musical “Mean Girls.” While in Milwaukee for its five-day run (Jan. 25 — Jan. 30), the show played at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. Located in