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Illinois Will Lift Indoor Mask Mandate Within the Month

Note: The information in this article was obtained from an earlier story in the Beloit Daily News 

  Earlier this Week Gov. Pritzker announced plans to lift the Illinois Mask Mandate by Feb. 28, in light of declining hospitalizations. The change will not affect masking requirements for schools due to a pending legal ruling.

   “All of us are getting tired of wearing masks, that’s for sure,” Pritzker said. “I have to say an enormous compliment to the people of Illinois. We have done such a good job—you have done such a good job of keeping each other safe,” Pritzker said on Wednesday.

  The Illinois Department of Public Health has told lawmakers they would evaluate the effect of the mandate lift before making a final decision on schools. 

 Last week, the Sangamon County Circuit Court ruled in favor of a temporary restraining order on Pritzker’s school mask mandate. The lawsuit ruled on was brought by Illinois parents suing over 140 school districts for a lack of due process in the mandate. 

  The mandate remains in place in congregate living facilities, health care spaces, and public transport. 

  The Wisconsin Supreme Court denied a mask mandate in March 2021. State and Local cases and hospitalizations are on the decline, decreasing by 44.3% and 16%  between Feb. 1 and Feb. 7. 

   The Winnebago County Health department said hospitalizations and cases have been declining over the past two weeks. Director Sanda Martell said “This phase of the pandemic requires individuals, schools, places of worship, venues, and businesses to continue to review their layered mitigation strategies to protect lives and livelihood and make the best decision for themselves and the community. The community should also be prepared to add mitigations back in the layered approach if the conditions warrant.” 

  Rock County cases have fallen 59.6% and hospitalizations have fallen 23.9% in the same week. 62.6% of Rock County residents have received one vaccination and 58.4% have received two.  49, 711 residents have gotten the booster dose.

  In Winnebago County, 59.6% of residents have received the first dose, and 54.3% have received the second. 76,082 booster doses have been administered, according to The Illinois Department of Public Health. 

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