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Daily Archives: February 14, 2022

A Critique of Leftist Rhetoric: Part 2

There is a certain moral weight to COVID-19. As was seen most clearly in the presidential election of 2020, COVID, and specifically its vaccine, was completely politicized. I do not mean this in an abstract, personal anecdote-based sense, but as a distinct party line drawn

Who the Buc are you?

The Round Table got the opportunity to sit down with Matt O’Leary and find out who the Buc he is!  The Round Table: Where are you from? Matt O’Leary: “ I am from Clarendon Hills, Illinois.” RT: What is your major? O’Leary: “Economics.” RT: What

Two-Sport Athletes at Beloit College

Being a college athlete is not an easy thing to achieve. A very low percentage of high school athletes go on to play in college. I’m sure that number is even lower for athletes who go to college to play two sports. Playing one is

My Essential Pregame Playlist Songs

Every athlete prepares for a game in a different way. Each has their own rituals, whether it is putting on their socks a certain way, eating a certain snack before a game or making sure they get to the court/field and warm up the same

Deliverer of the Dead

Allow me to set the scene. It’s the end of the first semester. Classes are over. Final papers have been written and exams have been taken. Many students are looking forward to going back home for the break. The Round Table has had the pleasure

Valentines Day Date Ideas

Valentines Day Date Ideas With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many lovestruck partners are struggling to think of the perfect date idea. This day can feel stressful. How can one express their undying love for a person in just one day? What if something

Illinois Will Lift Indoor Mask Mandate Within the Month

Note: The information in this article was obtained from an earlier story in the Beloit Daily News    Earlier this Week Gov. Pritzker announced plans to lift the Illinois Mask Mandate by Feb. 28, in light of declining hospitalizations. The change will not affect masking requirements

Developments in 2019 Beloit Bar Shooting

Daniel T. Blackshear, 28, an Indiana man has been sentenced to four years in prison for shooting a man at a Beloit bar according to Rock County Circuit Court Records. The incident took place in April 2019 at Rooney’s Pub, 65 Portland Ave.  He was

Cheers for Chelonia 2022!

Feb. 10 marked the return of the Chelonia Dance Concert to the Laura Aldrich Neese Theater. The annual Beloit performance was held via YouTube Live in 2021. This year, though, the show returned to its original venue. To maintain COVID-19 safety, dancers donned masks throughout

School Board Candidates Weigh in at Forum

 On Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2022, Beloit School Board candidates had the opportunity to discuss a multitude of topics relating to Beloit schools at the Beloit Public Library. Justice Overcoming Borders (JOB), Concerned Black Citizens (CBC) and Good Trouble sponsored the event.     The current candidates are: