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Covid Cases Declining in Rock County and Wisconsin

 Although the omicron variant of COVID-19 continues to affect daily lives across the world, Rock County has shown some promise with positive cases down 71% over the last 14 days according to The New York Times COVID-19 data. 

   Throughout November and December, Rock County remained constant with the daily average being 100 positive cases per day up until Christmas. A sharp spike in cases occurred throughout early and mid-January with the daily average reaching over 600 cases. 

   As of Feb. 4, 2022, the daily average is 157 cases in Rock County, a significant drop in comparison to the previous month. 

   According to the Beloit Daily News, Rock County Health Officials said the area is on the “back end” of the omicron variant. In a media briefing on Thursday, Feb. 2, Nick Zupan, Rock County Epidemiologist, voiced that the county was on a “steady decline of case activity.”  

   The CDC COVID-19 tracker recommends that everyone in Rock County wear masks in public, indoor settings. Vaccinated, unvaccinated and individuals with underlying health conditions are recommended to wear their masks in indoor, public settings under the Rock County Current Mask Guidance.    

   From the Beloit Daily News, “We are not out of the woods yet, but we are seeing positive signs in our daily case activity,” Zupan said.

   Vaccinations in Rock County remain relatively low with 63% of residents receiving one dose, 60% of residents receiving two doses of the vaccine, and only 30% of residents receiving the booster. 

   In terms of the Beloit school districts, vaccination rates remain low. 9.4% of children aged 5-11 within the Beloit school district’s boundary area have finished their vaccination. Janesville school districts’ boundary area on the other hand has a completed vaccination rate of 18.6% for children aged 5-11. 

   Over the past two weeks, neighboring Dane County has been down 86%, previously having 3,797 positive cases on Jan. 20, 2022 according to The New York Times COVID-19 data. The average in Dane County has decreased down to 522 for the daily average of positive cases. Hospitalizations in Rock County are down 8% with Dane County down 9%.  

   As far as the state of Wisconsin goes, the 14 day average for positive cases is down 79%. Hospitalizations are also down 31% for the state. 

   Although COVID-19 continues on, the 71% drop in Rock County positive cases and 79% drop throughout the state of Wisconsin shows promise moving forward. 

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