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Monthly Archives: February 2022

Interview With Good Trouble Beloit

The Round Table got a chance to sit down with Tony Capozziello, the founder of a local Beloit advocacy group: Good Trouble Beloit. On Tuesday, Feb 15, Capozziello won the Governor’s Financial Literacy Award for exceptional financial education for Wisconsinites. Round Table: What is Good

An Easy and Eggcellent Meal

When talking to people about eggs, it’s not uncommon to hear lots of complaining. “They’re too runny.” “The texture grosses me out.” “I’m fine with them until I remember that I’m eating eggs.” Although everyone is entitled to their own opinions, those sentences are gross

Russia Invades Ukraine

In the small hours of the morning on Wednesday, Feb. 23, Russian president Vladimir Putin announced a “military operation” in the Donbas region of Eastern Ukraine. However, after explosions were heard in the capital Kyiv and several other Ukrainian cities it became clear that the

Governor Evers Brings Good News to Beloit

For the second time, Beloit College hosted Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers. However, on his impromptu Feb. 23 visit, the governor came bearing excellent news. After sifting through some 200+ applications, the City of Beloit was awarded a $9 million Neighborhood Investment Fund grant. This grant

Beloit Swim and Indoor Track Wrap Up Seasons

Beloit swim wrapped up their season on Feb. 20 in Grinnell, IA. The men took sixth place and the women took eighth. Despite the low team finishes, there were a couple record setting times and a satisfying close to the season. One of those times

Hey Athletes! You Can Benefit From Playing!

We live in a different generation of sports than we could ever imagine. Whether that be the new found player empowerment of the NBA or the ever changing format in college football. Amongst these changes that have occurred in our lifetime has been the adaptation

An Argument Against the Electoral College

The Constitution of the United States remains one of the most influential documents ever written, reinventing democracy and paving the way for a more just and holy union. This text would be ineffectual and without cause, if it were not for its preamble: We hold