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Watch Your Head! Sky Carp Incoming!

It is official ladies and gentlemen, the turtle is no longer in its shell. After originally starting out as the Beloit Brewers in their inaugural year back in 1994, they later changed their name to the Snappers. 27 years later, it was time for another change. For all of our zoologists out there, yes a turtle normally lives over 100 years. However, this turtle’s time was up.

Snappy was indeed beloved, but he is a relic of a city that has died and came back to life. Snappy was one of the last things surviving from the old Beloit. With the reconstruction of downtown, along with the newly built stadium, a change was needed.

Partially the change was due to a new ownership being in town. Originally a minor league team for the Brewers, the Sky Carp have now changed hands four times. It went from the Brewers organization in 2004 to the Minnesota Twins. From there it changed hands twice more; going to the Oakland Athletics in 2012, until the Miami Marlins bought it in 2020.

The infrastructure for this team is coming from the Miami Marlins, with not only the personnel in the building being made up of minor league ballers and Miami Marlins employees. They wanted even the color of the mascot to represent what the Marlins are trying to do to bring baseball to Beloit.

The new mascot is made up of black, blue, and orange from the previously “ugly” green and white. The logo, besides being a unique design, also has an interesting twist. The logo includes a wrench in the carp’s mouth. This wrench represents the ongoing work to build the city of Beloit. The wrench is based on a Fairbanks Morse wrench, which is a company located here in Beloit.

Being a minor league baseball team, the club has multiple logos. One of them has a skycarp underwater with goggles. The water obviously represents the Rock River, but the goggles add a bit more of Beloit’s history. The are an homage to Bessica Raiche, one of Beloit’s finest people. She was the first woman to fly across the United States solo.

When you go to a baseball game, you normally expect a boring old baseball game, but Beloit is changing the game. With an influx of mid game treats, and history dripping from the very foundations of the new stadium, something very magnificent is happening here.

That thing is a team loving it’s city, and trying to create a place for anyone of all ages. Whether you’re a college kid who needs a break from a paper. An adult after a long day at the office or a Beloit lifer. This team now has something to offer everyone who comes to the park. Baseball is no longer boring in Beloit.

In case you made it all the way through and have no idea what a Sky Carp is, it’s a goose. If you’re not a Wisconsin native, they constantly wreak havoc on people not paying attention on the lakes. The jerseys are cool, the people are home bred, and the city is popping. What’s not to like about the new baseball team in Beloit, the Sky Carp.

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