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Women’s Basketball Returns to Action

For most teams a 0-3 record seems like something that would be an early season blunder. However, for our Buc women coming off a previous season going 3-22, this team has a lot of potential. 

What I mean by that is they just have lapses in play at times. How do these lapses happen? Well we only return three players from that team two years ago. The rest of the team is made up of freshmen and sophomores who have never been in a college game. 

To explain the difference between the games would be almost impossible. The best way to put it is when you’re a kid and you get your water wings taken off. There’s a lot more freedom, but you’re finally okay on your own. 

There’s a lot more court space, and more room to try out new moves on offense, but if you can’t defend then you simply can not be on the court. 

Of the returnees the most polished is T’Aira Boyance’23. She’s been spearheading this team averaging almost 14 points a game this year. When we saw her last as a freshman her game was reminiscent of Carmelo Anthony but with no three pointer. Early indications are that she has worked on that shot and her game has evolved. 

Speaking of evolving we have three players who are former Clinton Cougars. Honestly sometimes it’s hard to tell if we’re the Bucs or the Cougars. These girls are Hannah Welte’24, Elizabeth Kalk’24, and Addyson Ciochon’24. Kalk and Ciochon are like Crockett and Tubbs on Miami vice, to T’s Knightrider. 

Those two Clinton girls are both averaging 13 points, respectfully. However, Hannah Welte may have been the most important to the team. 

Two years ago, the point guard ran the team as more of a score first guard. Now Welte has the rock in her hands, and she’s turned into a facilitator out there. Running a very advanced Coach Bradley offense. 

Beloit also has something they haven’t had in a minute: some height. 

Cora Linos’25 and Christy Melton’22 are both girls who come in at over 5’10. Cora being 6’2. With Coach Bradley a former post herself at Seton Hall University. She finally has some girls she can mold to be the next Coach Bradley. 

The development of these girls this season is going to be one of the most fun things to see. There’s going to be downs, but when the ups finally happen. It’s going to be some pretty amazing basketball. 

They’ll also be a fun bunch to watch in person, as they have their first home game this week! 

Wednesday at 5:30 PM versus Alverno College! Come out and see our new team get our first win! 

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