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Travis Scott Festival Turns to Mayhem For Fans

On Nov. 6 an estimated 50,000 fans gathered in Houston, Texas to watch the rapper and producer Travis Scott perform at his “Astroworld” Festival. “Astroworld” is Scott’s annual music festival. It is also the title of his 2018 album. 

The crowd squeezed in tight preparing to watch Scott perform but as soon as he took the stage, things took a turn for the worst. The festival left nine people dead. Eight victims were declared dead after the concert, their ages ranging from 14-27 years old. Another individual Bharti Shahani, 22 years old, died Wednesday after being critically injured during the concert. More than 300 people were injured during the stampede on Friday. Among the individuals injured was a 9-year-old boy whose family said he has been placed in a medically induced coma. 

Videos have circulated on social media in which you can hear cries for help among the crowd. Fans desperately tried to get out of the packed crowd. As the crowd grew tighter it was harder for people to breathe. Videos of people collapsing on the ground, being pulled over barricades, and being given CPR by medical staff have caused a shock to viewers. 

TK Tellez, 20, was one of the people in the crowd as he tried to get a better view of Scott. “The crowd became tighter and tighter, and at that point it was hard to breathe. When Travis came out performing his first song, I witnessed people passing out next to me,” Tellez tells CNN of his experience near the front of the stage. 

“We were all screaming for help, and no one helped or heard us. It was horrifying. People were screaming for their lives, and they couldn’t get out. Nobody could move a muscle.” Tellez was one of the bystanders trying to assist those who needed CPR.

Selena Beltran was another fan in the crowd trying to help others. In an interview with CNN she said “I was shocked to see people act so inconsiderate and feral. It was insane to see so many just run others over like wild animals. People did not care, they still tried to squeeze through just to get to the front without thinking of the consequences and who it would affect.”

As Beltran assisted nurses administering CPR she remembered people staring and others who were simply enjoying themselves. She felt there was “little humanity that night.”

Madeline Eskins was another concert goer who was crowd surfed out to safety. She remembers “people being carried out, eyes rolled back, bleeding from their nose and mouth.” Eskins used her medical background, as an ICU nurse, to assist others but claims there were not enough resources to help everyone. 

In her post Eskins wrote “Some of these medical staff had little to no experience with CPR, didn’t know how to check a pulse, carotid or femoral.” 

Many of the people in attendance found the event to be traumatizing as they watched lifeless bodies collapse in front of them, screaming for their lives, all while Scott continued to perform. Scott did notice an ambulance while on stage and stopped the show for a moment before continuing and inciting the crowd to make the ground shake. It is unclear if Scott was aware of what was happening while on stage.

Scott has a prior history of inciting crowds to ignore security, and charge the stage at music-festivals. In 2017, he was charged in Arkansas in 2017 and Chicago in 2015 when he caused an uproar among the crowd and encouraged moshing that led to injuries amid the crowd along with a security guard. 

In 2015 at the Lollapalooza concert, his show only lasted 5 minutes before fans stormed the stage with Scott. Videos from that night show Scott telling security to back away as well as yelling “We want rage!”

At one of his concerts in Manhattan the crowd became so chaotic that one of his fans Kyle Green, 23 at the time, fell off the balcony and was left paralyzed according to the lawsuit.

Green talked to Rolling Stone about the most recent incident. Green’s lawyer, Howard Hershehorn told the outlet “He’s even more incensed by the fact that it could have been avoided had Travis learned his lesson in the past and changed his attitude about inciting people to behave in such a reckless manner.”

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