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Buccaneers Battle in First Few Meets

The swim season is officially underway. The swim team has three meets under their belt, placing second in a dual meet for their opener. Their second meet took place in the Powerhouses’ Nicholls Natatorium, where they faced Ripon and Knox. Both the men and women took second place.

In the Powerhouse meet the Beloit men had some notable finishers. Ben Saladar’25 finished first in the 50 backstroke and Camden Leonard’23 was the first to touch the wall in the 50 freestyle. Adding to the first place finishers, were five second palace finishers, they were Ethan Casler’25 (50 butterfly), Max Saladar ‘23 (50 breaststroke), B. Saladar (100 freestyle) and Tenajh Gaitor’22 (100 butterfly and 100 breaststroke). 

Gaitor wrote in an email interview with the Round Table that “it’s good to get back into the swing of things and compete again…I’d say the only cobweb I had to shake off was actually getting ready to race again.” As he and his teammates had a year off from competing. Practice means a little more when you know you are competing again. 

For the women in the first meet they were headlined by three first place finishes by three different swimmers. In the 50 freestyle it was Maclayrn Leonard’25, in the 50 butterfly was Lulu Champeny-Johns’24 and in the 50 backstroke it was Kaya Martin’25. 

Similar to the men, they also added five second place finishes. Martin (100 freestyle), Nora Kyrstowiak’25 (200 individual medley), Padyn O’Keefe’23 (100 breaststroke and 50 breaststroke) and Lulu Champeny-Johns (50 backstroke). 

Their most recent meet was in Appleton, WI where both the men and women took fifth place, out of five. A tough day in the water, but that is not to say there was no success. Among the top finishers were two relay teams. The 200 yard medley relay team consisting of Ben Saladar, Gaitor, Camden Leonard and George Carlson’23. As well as the 400 yard relay team consisting of the same members. Individually the bucs were highlighted by Lulu Champeny-Johns’24 who took second place in the 100 backstroke and Ben Saladar, finishing in second place as well in the 100 backstroke. 

While the season is picking up steam Gaitor also commented, “ the goal is to work hard as a group, supporting one another to have the best season we can get… hopefully I’ll be able to break records and help others on the team get to where they want to be.” That is what it’s about, trying to break records, either your own, or school. And to just improve everyday and make it the best season possible. The swimmers next meet is back in the Powerhouse is Nov 20. at 1 PM. 


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