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Who the Buc are you?

The Round Table got a chance to speak to Azeez Ganiyu ’24 to find out who the Buc he is. 

Round Table: Where are you from? 

Azeez Ganiyu: “Born and raised in Beloit, WI.”

RT: What is your major?

AG: “Biochemistry with an emphasis on pre-med.”

RT: What is your plan after college? 

AG: “To go to medical school.”

RT: How did you choose Beloit? 

AG: “Basketball, close to home.”

RT: When did you start playing basketball and how did you get into it? 

AG: “I started playing basketball when I was in seventh grade just to stay in shape and do something cause I like to be active.”

RT: What position do you play? 

AG: “Forward.” 

RT: What is your favorite aspect of basketball?

AG: “Being able to be better than other person guarding you.”

RT: How long have you competed? 

AG: “About seven years but only really took it serious after sophomore year.”

RT: How do you get hyped for a game? 

AG “Okay my HYPE playlist.” 

RT: What’s your favorite memory with the team? 

AG: “My first collegiate game.”

RT: Does the team have any traditions? 

AG: “Not that I can remember.” 

RT: What does a typical practice look like? 

AG: “We first do dynamic warmups, some three line passing drills, a layup drill called Laker in which we must have 24 consecutive layups as a team, and another layup drill where we try to get the most layups in 2 minutes. Then do whatever coach has planned for us that day whether it’s scrimmage or defensive stuff. Shooting 10 free throws. And end with a quick talk about what we need to improve on and close it out.”

RT: What are some of your goals in basketball and in life?

AG: “I hope to be an all-American player and win the conference. In life I hope to find a way to impact many peoples lives in a positive way.”

RT: Do you have any superstitions? 

AG: “I never split the pole.”

RT: Do you have any pets? Names? Breed? 

AG: “None.”

RT: If you could have any superpower what would it be? 

AG: “Teleportation, instant travel would save so much time.” 

RT: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?  

AG: “Nigeria, just to be back home.” 

RT: Stance on pineapple on pizza? Why or why not?

AG: “Barbecue pineapple chicken pizza slaps, that’s all I gotta say.”


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