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Rocky Horror Shadowcast Hits Once Again

On Fri Nov. 5, the Rocky Horror Shadowcast was held at Wilson Theatre. Doors opened at 9p.m, and within a half hour, every seat was filled. Students were greeted by ID checkers and some lingerie-wearing Transylvanins marking admittance in red lipstick. At 9:30 the pre-show began with a costume contest. Rocky “virgins”, or those who had never seen the show, were invited to the stage for an orgasm contest to find out who could make the most realistic impression. The pre-show concluded with a heart-pounding performance by Katz to lime Cordale’s “I Touch Myself.”

The show itself began at 10 p.m, and the classic chords of “Science Fiction” had the audience howling with cheers for The Round Table’s own Alyssa Flores-Tirado’s lips number. By the time the cast came out for the opening scene, the crowd was trapped in a world full of sexual aliens and Susan Sarandon’s impeccable voice.

Eve Henley-Rayve’23, another Round Table editor, starred as Janet Weiss, alongside Graham Olen’23 as Brad Majors. “Damnit Janet’s condom engagement ring trick was had the audience cackling 

The “Time Warp,” Rocky Horror’s most iconic song and dance, was a personal favorite, with the entire cast grooving in very high heels and very sparkly costumes. Flora Milford ’24’s tap dancing Columbia looked beautiful despite the fact that she didn’t actually know how to tap dance.

Chase Piper’23 encapsulated Frank n’ Furter in a red corset and the classic makeup look from the movie, and Harry Priester’23’s birth of Rocky sealed the scene with his gold rhinestone loafers and gold shorts.

Rose Tint My World’s quick costume change was seamless and the red feather boas and strip tease-esq dance routine was a definite highlight of the show. 

By the time Riff Raff and Magenta, played by Zeke Kingsbury’25 and Cam Miers, entered through the audience on their power coup-d’etat, the audience seemed joyfully entertained and excited for their Friday night plans.


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