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Beloit School District Closed Friday Due To Proud Boys Protest

On Friday, Nov. 5 morning, the School District of Beloit decided to cancel all classes after becoming aware that a protest was planned that could cause disruption to the school day. The protest was regarding an incident described as a Beloit school district teacher putting tape on a student’s face to keep their mask on. 

   In collaboration with the Beloit Police Department, the district made an announcement Friday morning to the public that read: 

   “Due to safety concerns for our students and staff, our buildings are closed and there is no school today, Friday November 5th. This is a non-instructional day. Our priority is always the safety and well-being of our students and staff. We have been informed that an outside group has a planned event in our community that may be disruptive to the school day and to our students and staff. Considering the behaviors, actions, and language of certain groups who do not consider the safety and well-being of others, our buildings are closed and there is no school today. The decision to close our buildings was made in collaboration with the City of Beloit Police Department. We have zero-tolerance for hate speech, violence, or threats made against our staff and District. We stand together as a District and community against all forms of hate and racism.”

   The Gateway Pundit did an interview with Brock Conner, father of the child involved in the incident, who said that the teacher asked his son to pull his mask over his face several times and after not complying the teacher grabbed a roll of tape, securing his mask to his face. Conner said that his son then asked to leave the classroom and call his parents but the teacher refused to let him leave.

   The Beloit School Superintendent, Dan Keyer, released a statement counterclaiming Conner’s comments. “The media reported these allegations by a parent as true, stating there was an incident involving a child in a classroom. We worked in collaboration with the City of Beloit Police Department; they have investigated these allegations and have determined there was no violation of local or state laws.”

   The Beloit Police Department informed Eyewitness News that through their investigation they found no evidence of child abuse or any other crimes committed. The department does acknowledge the presence of an incident happening in the classroom regarding a mask and have interviewed the two teachers involved.

   Police mention that the reporting party had multiple inconsistencies with their stories when reporting to police and the media.

   Beloit Police and the school district have confirmed that because of accusations there have been  threats made against teachers and administrators. 

   A representative of the Wisconsin chapter of the Proud Boys told Gateway Pundit “The Wisconsin Proud Boys support any parent, of any political position or background, that feels they have the right to protect their children.”

   The Proud Boys is a far-right wing group who describe themselves as a “male chauvinist” group. According to the International Centre for Counter Terrorism the group believes that men and western culture are under seige. Proud Boys protests in the past have become violent when interacting with counter protests. 

   Friday morning several protesters were seen outside of the Beloit School District, with the message that they did not want students wearing masks to school. Among some of the protesters were confirmed members of the Proud Boys. Efforts from the media to interview these individuals were unsuccessful.

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