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2022 Budget Approved By Beloit Council

A unanimous approval by The Beloit City Council on the city’s 2022 budget happened Monday, Nov. 1. Data gathered by the Beloit Daily Mail informs us that the budget reflects a major capital project as well as a slight increase in taxes and fees for city residents.

Next year’s budget is set at $149.1 million, 50.07% larger than the budget proposed last year. The increase in budget is due to a redevelopment project at the wastewater treatment plant. The final designs for the project are still pending. 

Bill Frisbee, director for Beloit Water Resources, announced on Monday that the waste water treatment facility renovation project will cost $42.5 million and will go out for bid early 2022, bids being presented to the council for review in March 2022. 

This year’s budget shows a 3.1% increase in general fund as compared to 2021’s budget. Thirty-six percent of general fund expenses are made up of the $12.5 million budget that goes towards the Beloit Police Department. Twenty-four percent of the budget is encompassed by $8.5 million dedicated to the Beloit Fire Department. 

Construction plans represent 81% of the city’s capital improvement budget: $52.2 million. Any money remaining in the capital improvement budget will be distributed as follows: $3 million in infrastructure projects; $2.2 million in buildings and ground maintenance; and $100,000 in economic development expenses. 

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) received a budget of $865,000 for next year. A sum of $109,000 may be split between Beloit Meals on Wheels ($10,000), Community Action ($15,000), Echo rental assistance ($10,000), Family Promise ($10,000), Family Services ($10,000), HealthNet of Rock County ($10,000), Project 16:14 ($10,000), Beloit Senior Volunteers ($7,000), Stateline Boys and Girls Club ($5,000), Stateline Literacy Council ($12,000), and the Salvation Army ($10,000).

Beloit Daily Mail provides data concerning the distribution of sums to different organizations and projects. A sum of $148,000 has been proposed to be used for program administration and fair housing activities; a portion of $156,000 has been proposed for Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA) activities; $17,000 for various city-operated housing rehabilitation and homeownership programs; and $50,000 for economic development activities. 

The council also gave approval for the sale of 56.7 acres at 1901 Gateway Boulevard for a total of $562,700. The sale was made to Milwaukee-based Phoenix Acquisitions where plans are in development of a 56,000 square-foot industrial warehouse facility, said City Attorney Beth Krueger.  

Lori Curtis Luther, Beloit City Manager, said that next year’s budget “continued to improve the city’s fiscal health.”

The Council President, Clinton Anderson, thanked the city staff members for their work in reviewing a thorough budget while also being transparent throughout the process. 

“With the tremendous amounts of growth the Beloit community has experienced, the projects approved in the 2022 budget will equip our city to continue to serve our residents, nonprofits and businesses,” Anderson said, speaking on the benefits of the budget. “The city’s budget has not historically kept up with inflation, and this budget gives some relief to the tight constraints imposed by the state legislature.”


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